When You Place Your Well-Being Above All Else, You Lay The Foundation For A Positive Life

by Brian Lawrence

This isn’t an article to tell you how to find your purpose in life, but rather, to explain how important it is to focus solely on what you want to do.

When you start to zone in on the thing you really want to do, you’ll also start noticing things in your life that just get in your way. You need to get rid of the clutter so you can produce greater work and produce more of it.

Distractions Will Hold And Push You Back

If you think just letting unfinished projects and negative people stay in your life is harmless, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening. These things are distractions, and they will pull your focus off of what you want to do at the worst times. You need to remove these things and people so you can free yourself up to become something great.

Stop Starting Projects You Don’t Like

If someone approaches you with an amazing opportunity, you owe it to yourself and that person to really think about it before taking it on. You need to evaluate whether or not you’ll actually enjoy doing this project, and also if you have time for it.

Look at the potential challenges you’ll face, and if you would still go through with the task in spite of them. Once you believe you'll stick it through, no matter what happens -- good or bad -- go right ahead!

Pay Attention To Your Gut

When you feel instantly inclined to do or not do something, shrugging off the feeling will be detrimental. That inclination lets you know exactly how you feel about a situation or an opportunity.

When you instantly feel led to pursue an endeavor, you should strongly consider it. Likewise, when you feel like going into a certain situation is wrong, you should avoid it at all costs.

Your Weakness Is Someone’s Strength

I once read that we should focus solely on our strengths and be generous enough to give others opportunities to make up for our weaknesses. If you spend time building up your weaknesses instead of sharpening your strengths, you will miss many opportunities to do the things you love.

You will also be robbing someone of the opportunity to do what he or she loves.

Don't Feel Guilty For Only Doing The Things You Care About

When you make an effort to do what you love, you are doing a service to people. You’re setting yourself up as an example for other people to do what they love. You are making yourself a living, breathing, successful monument of encouragement for those who want to go after their goals but don't believe they can.

You are setting yourself up to be a prime example of wisdom and purpose because you know exactly what you want, and you’re bold enough to go after it. So why feel guilty about it? Why allow others to encourage you to believe you’re being selfish by not taking up other responsibilities?

Lastly, why feel bad about being true to yourself and your desires?

You shouldn't; you are winning at life by taking yourself into consideration.

Photo via Tumblr