All The Feels: 7 Ways Emotions Run High When You Head Back To School

I hate to say it, but summer is breaking up with us.

We’ve had a great run with the beaches, vacationing and four months of eating non-dining hall food. Alas, the time has come for us to pack up all of our belongings and embark on yet another adventure that will far surpass the experiences we've had at home.

Heading back to campus is no easy feat. All summer, your little heart goes through a million shades of nostalgia about frat parties, twin XL beds and even the third floor of that library you love to hate.

Four months has felt like four years, and trying to rush through this summer just to get back to campus has been the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. However, there are some things you aren't quite ready to leave behind.

Here are seven post-summer break feels you experience while heading back to campus:

1. The sadness you feel when leaving your human-sized bed at home for the twin XL that has probably seen better days

In just a few short days, I will be leaving my dreamy memory foam bed that could literally fit an army, for a tiny glorified mat.

While mattress pads may come and go, that uncomfortable twin XL is forever.

2. The happiness you feel when you realize you get to live with your best friend

Leaving the comfort of home is exponentially easier knowing you get to live with the person who is your mother, mentor, BFF and freaking idol. Waking up to her glowing face bright and early every day is something to look forward to.

Living with your BFF is like a year-long slumber party, and her groans before her classes are basically music to your ears.

3. The depression you experience when you realize you will have to eat in a dining hall for the next few months

This might hit you a little harder if you are from New York. We are the land of the only good bagel in the universe. (Sorry, New Jersey, but you knew you wouldn’t win this one.)

How I manage to forfeit my ability to drive five minutes in any direction and be blessed with a beautiful bagel is beyond me.

Sacrifices have to be made in the name of education.

4. The indifference you feel when you look at your class schedule

While your new archaeology course may be taking up the 10 am block the beach usually occupied, you aren’t entirely mad about it.

Unless you have had an internship or job of sorts, your summer has been basically lounging around and trying to find things to take up your time.

The beach will still be there next summer, so you aren’t too bitter about filling your time with more meaningful things, such as required social sciences.

5. The anger you feel when you realize you are the last of your friends from home to leave for college

I am the last one on Gilligan’s Island, aka Long Island. All of my friends have left for their Southern or Big10 schools, while I sit and wait impatiently for my turn.

Those last few days of being alone at home are the worst. Who is going to get a bagel with you now?

6. The fear you feel when you look up your new professors and find their ratings online

The Internet grants us the ability to know absolutely anything (anything being comments from previous students about the workload and demeanor of your new professors).

I get that you don’t want to go in with any preconceived notions of other humans, but when those humans essentially determine your future, it is nice to at least know what other students have said about them in the past.

7. The anticipation you feel when reading this list, and you realize you are beyond ready to be back at college

Whether it is your first, second, third or final year, the anticipation to be back at school has consumed you at this point.

Within just a few short days or weeks, you will be back to living your best life. Being a broke college student again is exactly what I mean by "living your best life."

Soon, your schedule will be filled with obligations that will make you nostalgic for a summer devoid of responsibility. But, it will also be full of your friends whom you haven't seen in what feels like forever.

Say your goodbyes, eat your last bagel, and pack your bags because campus will soon again be your home.