This Haircare Company Is Giving Away Free Products For The Most Amazing Reason

Viewers of tonight's Miss America pageant are currently in full-on freakout mode: The show's hair sponsor, It's A 10 Haircare, just stole the mic away from host Chris Harrison to announce they're giving away free It's A 10 products. This is not a drill, and it's actually super easy to benefit from the benevolence. All you have to do to score the swag is register at MissAmerica.It' and a free travel-sized bottle of the best-selling Miracle Leave-In Product will be mailed to you.

Why on earth does It's A 10 want to bestow a miraculously-healing hair product into your hands, free of charge? If you weren't already impressed, the reason behind it will have you gushing. The brand had originally planned to give away the Miracle Leave-In Product to registered viewers who reside in the winner's home state, which is already pretty nice. But because of the recent barrage of terrible news, from a one-two punch of hurricanes to the repeal of DACA, gorgeous hair for one state just wasn't good enough. "We want all women to feel great about their hair," brand founder Carolyn Aronson said in her announcement, highlighting It's A 10's commitment to empowering women and championing diversity. And while having luscious hair doesn't compensate for all of the pain and harm of the last few weeks, it may help.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, $17, Amazon  

Winning a free hair product provides a double-pronged boost of confidence, from the thrill of getting something fo' free to the future of Good Hair Days — and you can expect to have them. Out of thousands of reviews, The Miracle Leave-In Product has almost all five stars on, where it retails for for $18 a pop. The milky spritz purports a dizzying 10 benefits to your hair, from damage repair to frizz control to thermal protection, imparted through a blend of nourishing ingredients like panthenol, sunflower seed extract, and silk amino acids. The best part of all? It silkifies, smoothes, and adds body to all hair types.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, $17, Amazon  |  

"I have made it my mission to give back in ways that empower women and celebrate diversity. This is a way to celebrate not only the women making a difference in the Miss America Competition, but also our fans nationwide who are pursuing their unique dreams, careers, and philanthropic endeavors," Aronson told Refinery29. "Beauty comes in many forms. Working together, [we] can carry that message to the country even more strongly."

Aronson's words about inclusivity aren't just lip service. While some companies opt for a hushed political stance, It's a 10 is not one of them. Back in February, the brand ran a cheeky commercial during Super Bowl LI that slyly trolled president Trump and his cumbersome combover. The ad starts with a cowboy riding through a vast rural landscape stopping to remove his hat and proudly shake out his long, salt and pepper strands.  "America, we're in for at least four years of awful hair," the narrator begins, "so it's up to you to do your part making up for it with great hair." Over a montage of beautifully diverse Americans all just doing their thangs, he continues, "And we mean all hair: His hair, they're hair, that baby's hair, that chest hair, that mohair sweater, that dog hair, that back hair, that girl's hair, he hair, your hair, all hair. Let's make sure this next four years are It's a 10 years. Do your part."

It's A 10's choice to partner with Miss America for their 2018 competition is curious, given the pageant industry's historical promotion of a limited, prescriptive ideal of beauty. Perhaps it's a sign that the tide is slowly changing, and more contestants will strut around with their curl patterns, short cuts, and baby hairs on display. Between It's A 10's influence and co-host Sage Steele flaunting her amazing natural curls on the stage, the future looks bright.