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Guys, Please Stop Doing These 6 Things To Girls At Super Bowl Parties

As a girl who's watched football with boys, I've noticed a lot of trends in the ways guys treat women while games are on.

There are a lot of stereotypes about what girls think of football, which lead to obnoxious comments and assumptions.

The Super Bowl is all about coming together to indulge in the good ol' American spirit and Buffalo wings (or something like that), so it's really best to avoid being "that guy" who irritates the crowd.

If you want to be a dude who doesn't annoy the girls at your Super Bowl party, do not do these six things.

1. Don't assume she doesn't like football.

It is entirely possible she is a huge fan who has a favorite team and has been obsessively following the season for her fantasy league.

It's also entirely possible she's a casual fan who enjoys watching games but perhaps doesn't know every single little fact.

Don't assume just because she's a chick she hates football. But then again, if she does hate football...

2. Don't call her "dumb" or "such a girl" if she doesn't like football.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to not like football, and most of them don't have to do with not having a penis. In fact, many people with penises also do not like football.

Maybe she's against the way football hurts its own players -- from chronic traumatic encephalopathy to the deaths of high school players.

Maybe she loves basketball, but football just doesn't do it for her, just like the many men who prefer one sport over another. And, yeah, maybe she thinks football is a silly display of primal masculinity.

Instead of dismissing her, ask her what she doesn't like about it, and then, you know, have an actual conversation.

3. Don't explain how football works without her asking.

Chances are, even if she doesn't know the quarterback's name, she has, at least, a general idea of how football works. Please, don't explain the game to her as if she is a 3-year-old alien from space rather than an American adult with a brain.

You can make a safe bet this isn't the first time she watched a game or went to a Super Bowl party -- unless she's new to America or literally from outer space.

She can tell which team is which and which directions the teams are trying to go without you jumping in to graciously let her know.

4. Don't argue the NFL cares about domestic violence and sexual assault.

Please, do not even try to make the argument the NFL gives a sh*t about domestic violence and sexual assault other than when it comes to what effects they have on the NFL's image.

Last season's ridiculousness from Roger Goodell was massively public; we all saw or heard about the Ray Rice video and how little punishment he got. We all saw Rihanna's righteous outrage when the NFL pulled using her song because of the Rice issue, essentially punishing Rihanna for being a victim of domestic violence.

We all also saw Jameis Winston get picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, despite his seemingly covered-up allegation of sexual assault back at Florida State University. (And OK, it's college football, but reports showed how players on the Florida State team get away with a ton of bad stuff, and allegations of rape go way up on big game days. Doesn't make me think much higher of the professional teams.)

Meanwhile, research shows shockingly few pro athletes are punished for domestic violence or sexual assault.

It's seriously not a good look for you to argue otherwise. Say it with me now,

The NFL needs to improve its handling of domestic violence and sexual assault.

5. Don't ask which one of the guys at the party is her boyfriend.

Please, dear God, don't ask which boy she came with to the party. There's an underlying assumption a woman can't be at a sports event unless dragged there by her boyfriend, which is just wrong.

It is entirely possible she is there with friends or because she actually -- shocker -- wants to watch the game. Maybe she is there with her boyfriend, but don't assume that's the case.

6. Don't tell her to refill your drink or get you a new bag of chips from the kitchen.


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