Grow Up! 3 Important Aspects Of Being Independent In Your 20s

by Brian Lawrence

There are certain things -- many things, in actuality -- that many Millennials take for granted.

Newsflash, people: We're no longer teenagers. It's time we wake up, smell the roses and start doing things for ourselves. For starters, here are three realities we need to face in order to become independent 20-somethings:

1. Generating Your Own Income

Many Millennials were fortunate enough to have their parents take care of their basic (and not-so-basic) needs while growing up. There was no need to worry about whether or not there would be food on the table for dinner or clothes on their backs in the morning; the parents handled everything.

When told to do so, most people will interpret “go get an income” to mean “go get a job,” but truly, it doesn’t matter how you accomplish this one, so long as it’s legal and makes you happy.

Think about your strongest skills and find a way to monetize them. For example, if you’re good at playing video games, think about getting into eSports.

When you’re making your own money, a strong sense of pride permeates. You can prioritize your expenses, pay more attention to savings and relish in the fact that you did it all on your own.

2. Controlling Your Transportation

Growing up, your parents probably chauffeured you to wherever you had to go, whenever you wanted to go. Being dependent on someone else’s time and resources to get around does not parlay into any independence of your own.

Even if you would like to party by night and lay on the couch by day, you’re now an adult and you have to take responsibility for your affairs. It’s important to be able to get where you want or need to go, whenever you want or need to do so. Plus, you’re way too old to blame your parents for your tardiness.

Get your finances in check and work on securing a better transportation system; maybe you can even get your own set of wheels.

3. Having Your Own Space

No, I’m not talking about transforming the basement of your parents’ house into your rent-free dream house. Your goal here should be to acquire a place that is entirely your own.

Bear in mind that this isn’t something you can just jump up and do — especially if you don’t have the cash to buy a place for yourself (i.e. security deposit and first and last month's rent).

Getting your own place means saving up for rent and keeping utility costs and living expenses, like food, in mind. Reach out to a friend, who might be in a similar situation as you are, to be a potential roommate; it’ll halve your rent and double your fun.

Being independent is a huge step that comes with a lot of responsibility. However, when you’re the driver of your own life, making the decisions and calling the shots, you'll feel an increased sense of legitimacy and a confident sense of self that will make it totally worth the fight.

Photo via We Heart It