This Grandpa Has Better Insta-Game Than You

by Talia Koren

I am no expert when it comes to posing for Instagram pics, but this old guy knows how to work his angles. I am seriously taking notes from this grandpa because he's crushing it.

Not to be weird about it, this old dude is smokin'. Just see for yourself.

This grandpa, who recently went viral on Twitter with the hashtag #MrStealYourGrandma, is named Irvin Randle. He's 54 years old and a teacher from Houston, Texas.

For whatever reason, this grandpa is in better shape than most of the guys my age that I know. He also has better style too. Seriously, don't let your grandma see Irvin's amazing 'grams.

Oh and he's on Facebook too. He loves his fans.

He's a selfie master.

I would say his students are pretty lucky.

This grandpa is trendier than me.

Irvin, are you for real right now?

I think I have a new crush.

Someone get him a modeling gig ASAP.

He's seriously the flyest grandpa I've ever seen.

Lock up your grandma.


Twitter could not handle how hot he is.

When you're trending on Twitter and you don't even Tweet.


We agree.

There you have it, folks. Instagram's most attractive grandpa.