Good, Bad And Ugly: What It's Like Being Best Friends With Your Mom

By Gigi Engle

Your mom is a bold, fierce, amazing woman. She has taught you everything you know. She's your biggest role model and most supportive fan. You wouldn't trade that awesome lady for any other.

The relationship you have with your mom is your greatest bond, especially when you're best friends.

Now, there are definitely upsides and downsides to being best friends with your mom. She knows you better than anyone else, and this can sometimes cause problems. Any girl who is besties with her mother can tell you it isn't always pretty.

Below we explore the good, bad and straight-up ugly circumstances associated with being friends with your mom.

You always have someone to talk to.

The Good: Your mom is your best friend so you tell her everything. She can always keep a secret. She won't judge you because she's your mom.

The Bad: At times, you can both offer too much information (TMI). You want to tell her about your love life, but it can be too much for her. She doesn't want to hear intimate details about her baby's love life. On the other hand, she will divulge some seriously gritty details about her love life that you will NEVER be old enough to hear.

The Ugly: She can be overbearing and a little critical. Moms are great at giving unsolicited advice.

You can count on her to be your biggest social media fan.

The Good: She makes you feel good about yourself. There is nothing like a proud mama, and she is sure to let you know you are the twinkle of her eye. She's the perfect person to offer a pick-me-up when you need it most.

The Bad: She Facebook stalks you, and it can get out of control. You introduced your mom to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now, it's like you've created a monster. She spends hours upon hours online posting pictures of her garden and correcting other people's grammar.

The Ugly: She likes, favorites and comments on everything you do on social media. She will often leave pretty embarrassing comments on photos and statuses because she has absolutely no proper social media etiquette. Bless her heart.

You basically have two closets.

The Good: You can wear all of her awesome vintage outfits. Velvet and leopard print have made a comeback, and you are ready to pillage all of those timeless pieces. Having your mom as your best friend means having the boldest of style icons.

The Bad: She calls you out when you steal said vintage outfits. You constantly have to assure her you didn't sneak anything into your suitcase every single time you visit home (you did), only to be caught in the act when she comments on the Instagram you posted wearing her favorite cashmere coat from the 80s.

The Ugly: You love the “what’s mine is yours” policy you and your mother share. The downside? It can be annoying to come home to find your closet completely raided while your mom is dressed up in one of your going out dresses.

She's your number-one wing-woman.

The Good: She's great at talking to cute guys for you. Moms are disarming and adorable. What guy wouldn't be smitten?

The Bad: A lot of the time, it's her friend's son... or literally anyone with a pulse. She's desperate for you to find someone "special" and settle down. So, she tries to set you up with every single guy she can get her hands on.

The Ugly: She gives your number to strangers she meets in delis or on public transportation and tells you after the fact.

The two of you share the best memories.

The Good: She remembers everything: all the cute things you did as a kid, the shopping trips you've shared, that trip to France. She's been there from the beginning, and she gets you better than anyone else.

The Bad: You also have bad memories; not every memory a girl has with her mom is positive. There are fights; there are words thrown around, and there are times that aren't easily forgotten. But she's your mom, so you get over it.

The Ugly: She often shares the most embarrassing memories with your love interests and friends, such as the time you spent your entire prom with your dress tucked into your underwear.

You know she'll always be there for you no matter what.

The Good:  She’s your mom, so there is no such thing as breaking up. You and your mom are in this for life, and that is very comforting. She fits in well with your friend group and everyone loves her. She’s going to be your best friend until the end.

The Bad: She's literally always there. She's calling at work; she's texting you when you're out with BAE. Your mom might be your best friend, but her nest is empty now. She’s lonely, and she wants to hear from you all the time. It’s also possible that your friends like her a little TOO much. She’s always around. It can be smothering.

The Ugly: She invites herself to everything. She will show up to brunch with your friends and she will come to your apartment unannounced. It can be a little hard to spread your wings when you have mom there all the time. Whenever you leave her, you find that you’re the one worrying if she's okay without you.

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