Lifestyle — Why You Shouldn't Be On Phone With Friends

It's hard keeping up with everything we're supposed to do in our daily lives.

Some of us will do anything we can to not only complete everything we're supposed to do, but to also get it done as efficiently as possible.

From monitoring our sleep cycles to cooking meals in less time than it takes to eat them, we're always trying to cut corners and get things done as quickly as possible.

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Luckily, you can find an organizational app for pretty much anything, and they all supposedly make your life better.

But are our lives really that much better if we follow strict schedules on our phones all day, every day?

In an effort to live better lives, we could possibly be making them worse. What's the use of “operating at peak efficiency” if all we are going to get out of it is being able to operate at peak efficiency?

A life is meant to be lived, not monitored.

Sticking to a strict schedule leaves little room for spontaneity. You could start to lose track of everything that could take you off course, like a healthy social life usually does.

Counting steps is nothing compared to being there for your closest friend when they need you the most.

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And why would anyone turn down a spontaneous night out on the town just to stick to their schedule?

A life is meant to be lived, not monitored.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier and making sure you're not wasting any time in your busy life, but you have to make sure the one thing you never lose track of is perspective.

Watch the video above to learn how unplugging can help you see the important things right front of you.

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