8 Things Being The Only Girl In My Family Taught Me About Men

I am the third of four children. But I'm the only girl.

My mother didn't think she could have children. Then, she had four kids in five years.

Needless to say, our house was always chaotic.

Being the only girl wasn't always easy, but it has worked to my advantage as I have gotten older.

Here are the things you learn growing up as a girl with no sisters:

1. Men's products are better.

As I have grown up constantly surrounded by their crap, I have realized that sometimes, guys' stuff really is better.

Their clothes are comfier, their razors seriously work better and they have a killer collection of movies, books and video games.

2. I can spot a red flag a mile away.

My brothers were good boyfriends, bad boyfriends and, sometimes, straight-up man whores.

But witnessing all of this helped me identify what men's intentions were with me.

I can see clearly through their games. I send them on their way before I get too attached to someone who just wants to play games with my heart.

3. Men are under more pressure.

Call it basic human nature, but my brothers have taught me that even during a progressive age, men still worry about being able to protect and provide for the ones they love.

They place all of this pressure upon themselves.

Sometimes, the overwhelming weight of it all makes them act out and feel discouraged. They sometimes feel they'll never be able to be everything they need to be for their families.

However, I do my best to let my brothers know they are not only successful, they have also always continued to provide me with more than I could ever want or need.

Their overwhelming support and love sustains me.

4. Men are helpless.

My brothers have always constantly needed help, whether it was about choosing outfits or microwaving pizza.

There's an invisible barrier in their brains that makes me believe men are indeed from Mars: a place where even toast can get messed up.

They lose sh*t all the time, and if you ever leave your food in the fridge, don't expect it to be there when you go back for it.

Everything is free game to them, including DVR space, leftovers, cigarette lighters, socks and gadgets.

You get the picture.

Somehow, I find their inability to tackle such simple things part of their endearing brotherly charm. I adore them more for it.

5. You will have reservations toward women.

You grew up in a house where, every time you scraped your knee or woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick, a brother bandaged you up or let you crawl into bed with him to make it all better.

You were lucky enough to get a squad of brothers who have your back, and because of this, you feel you can count on men more.

You also watched your brothers get their enormous hearts broken, and you would kill another woman just to spare them that kind of pain again.

You don't hate all women, and you don't identify as one of those women who just hates women for the sake of being a bitch, but your boys are your lifeline.

You won't back up a chick just because you both have boobs. You will back up whoever you love more.

6. You are a princess.

I am not frail, delicate or ladylike in the least.

I constantly tried to tell people while growing up that I wasn't a princess because I was the only girl.

But the truth is, I am.

As I got older, the definition of the term "princess" changed. I am the princess of our family because I am cherished.

My brothers love me so much and in such a different way from the way in which they love each other because I am a girl.

They want to protect me.

They hold me in their arms and wipe away my tears.

I am humbled to see the incomparable way in which they cherish having a sister to shield from pain, problems and heartbreak, and the lengths they would go to in order to prevent it.

Their commitment to guarding my heart and identity is overwhelming.

Today, I am so happy to say I am a princess.

They are my knights in shining armor, always saving me when I am in trouble.

7. Your mom is going to love them differently.

You will notice your mom is going to love her sons differently as they get older. I refer to this as the "penis precedent," and I used to hate it.

She is always fussing and worrying about them, but it's because she knows she raised a strong woman who can take care of herself.

In a world where girls get taken advantage of, she wanted to breed a woman as strong as nails.

I am thankful beyond words for this. I am strong and independent as a direct result of this.

My mom's constant coddling of my brothers is actually hilarious.

It's like, really mom? He's 30 years old. Let him make his own plate at the dinner table or buy his own boxers.

Instead of hating it, I have learned to love it. I even gave in to that smothering kind of love too.

I find myself slowly but surely taking over the role as well, to ensure that my brothers are always taken care of, even in the distant future .

8. No man will ever compare.

No matter who you marry, date or mess around with, nobody will ever compare to your brothers.

They are your best friends, secret keepers, soldiers and loves of your life.

Nobody will ever compare to them in your heart or life.