Getting Married Young: The Habits You Need To Outgrow Before You Say 'I Do'

by Elite Daily Staff

Some of us are too immature to tie the knot, seal the deal and walk down the aisle. We’re barely able to take care of ourselves, let alone another person.

That’s because we have a lot of growing up to do. Our priorities need to shift from wanting to sleep-in late to wanting to sleep in the same bed as someone else. And until we stop referring to everything as “sick” and “epic,” we’re going to be on our own for a while.

We’re still embracing our immaturity and that’s okay, but there is a time when we need to grow up and develop some more adult qualities in order to gain entry to life’s later milestones.

Especially if you’re looking to get married, there are some juvenile aspects of your life that you’ll have to give up to be able to move forward with a new person.

Here are the characteristics you need to outgrow before you say “I do.”

1. Lying

People lie because they’re too stupid to recognize that telling the truth is actually the better move. It’s one thing to fib about going to Hooters for an all guys’ night; it’s another to lie blatantly about what happened there.

Either learn to tell the truth or learn how to be single for the rest of your life.

2. Belligerent blacking out

You’ve seen enough “Real World” to know what happens when you behave like an aggressively drunk cast member -- no one likes you. How can you have a wedding if you can’t make it past the cocktail hour?

3. Laziness

Stepping up to do something, whether it’s planning a special date or running out to buy her cold medicine, is a huge part of being in a relationship.

You can’t show her your full appreciation by sitting around and letting her do all the work. Man up... because until then, you’re just a boy.

4. Facebook posting

It starts with an innocent status update and next thing you know you’re uploading your entire registry on social media. Don’t be that couple who only feels the relationship is legitimate if it’s documented on Facebook.

It’s not high school, you don’t need everyone’s approval before doing something.

5. Depending on mommy

Who are you planning on marrying -- your mom or your fiancé? If you’re too immature to let go of mommy, you’re probably too immature to get married.

And yes, this includes still listing your parents as emergency contacts. How can you start your own nest when you can’t leave your old one?

6. Your inability to share

Look, I get it. Sometimes I really hate giving up the best bite of a super gooey grilled cheese sandwich, but these are the kinds of sacrifices people make for the ones they love.

...Or they get their lovers their own.

7. Self-importance

Once you stop believing that you are God's Gift to Man, you’ll have a much easier time compromising on things. When you’re young and on your own you have a greater ability to be selfish.

Marriage, however, is about considering someone else’s needs in conjunction with yours. So start psyching yourself up (read: drinking) for the latest Drew Barrymore rom-com because now there are two people to please on movie night.

8. Frat mentality

Get all that EDM and Sigma Epsilon Pi frat tanks out of your system now because it’s no longer cool post-college (Side note: Was it even cool in college?).

Not being able to cook, dressing like a confused “Save by the Bell” character and bro-ing out with your _____ out, isn’t advancing you towards the marriage material category. We promise you’ll get to revisit your fratiness when you’re married -- it will be known as “Poker Night.”

9. Playing games

Since many of us are still unaware of what it truly means to play games, we’re going to break it down very simply for you:

If you have a so-called fear of commitment, you’re probably not ready to get hitched yet. If romance makes you uncomfortable, you’re not ready to get married yet. (What do you think a wedding is like?)

If you have a wandering eye and accept cheating as “something that eventually happens to everyone” then you’re definitely not ready to tie the knot. And, if you like being the heartbreaker in the relationship, just stay away. Stay far, far away.

10. Your ex

How can you devote yourself entirely to your spouse when you still have your ex on your mind?

11. Complaining

Constantly complaining about things only leads to inaction.

You need to grow up, figure out what it is that you want and go after it yourself. Even if you secretly hate her family and friends with a passion, or you just don’t like her uncomfortable mattress -- you have to learn to dial back on your grievances.

12. Indecision

If you can’t make a decision on something, how did you ever decide to marry your partner? Maybe try and get over this one first…

13. Snooping

Jealousy doesn’t move you forward, it brings your relationship to a dark and tension-filled place.

Whatever past emotional scars you have, you must let go of them and be able to trust your future spouse -- or else why are you even together in the first place?

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