4 Ways To Ensure You Land The Job Before You Even Step Into The Interview

One of the hardest parts about the job search is feeling like you’re just one in a pile of applications.

How will you get employers to notice you?

It's possible get employers to notice you — and even love you — before you walk into your first interview.

It’s just all about the way you communicate beforehand.

Whether you’re using phone or email, this is how you can woo an employer early on in the hiring process.

1. Respond quickly.

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you submit a great application for the perfect job?

You want to hear from the employer immediately because it was just that good.

Employers feel the same way about finding the perfect candidate.

The hiring process involves a lot of work, so when they feel like they’ve finally come across the right person and they reach out, they want to get a response as soon as possible.

Make sure you’re responsive so you don’t lose that momentum.

We recommend getting back to the employer within 24 hours.

Even if you’re not interested in the position, be cordial and thank them for considering you.

You never know if you’ll want an opportunity with the same company later on down the line!

2. Be grateful for the opportunity.

Staying upbeat and positive throughout your email and phone communications is absolutely key to winning employers over, especially when you show you’re grateful to be considered.

Employers like to feel like you actually want the job you’re applying for, so when they extend an offer, they'll know you will accept.

When scheduling your interview, make sure to add in things like “I’m glad to hear from you!” or “Thanks so much for taking the time to follow up!”

When details have been confirmed, make sure to end with, “Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to meeting you!”

Your gratefulness and graciousness will go a long way.

3. Get to know their products and services.

You’d be surprised how many candidates walk into an interview without knowing anything about what the company does or what the company offers.

That’s why it’s so important to poke around on the company’s website, read its mission statement, take a look at the "About Us" page to see who you might be interviewing with and most importantly, sign up or subscribe for its products and services.

You will walk into the interview as a knowledgeable candidate because you’ll be aware of what the company wants to accomplish and how your role will fit into the bigger picture.

We want to preface this by saying when you compliment or comment on what the company offers, it should be genuine.

If a company has made a real impact on you or impressed you, say so.

If there are things you think could be improved, mention it in a positive way: “I love this feature, but I think I would love to also see this… Have you ever gotten that feedback from your customers?”

Seriously, we’d hire that type of candidate.

4. Make it easy for them to see your accomplishments.

Make it easy for employers to stumble upon your interests and successes.

Include a link to your public profiles in your email signature, or insert a link to an article or a video about you and your accomplishments.

This will show employers you’re not only proud of your personal brand, but you’re also actively working to promote yourself professionally.

At WayUp, we like to research our candidates thoroughly, so giving us the materials we need that confirm you’re a great candidate makes the process a lot easier on our end.

We know you can knock any employer’s socks off.

Just make sure show off your great personality when you interact with him or her.

If you convince the employer you’re his or her ideal candidate, it’ll make your in-person interview go a lot more smoothly.

This article was written by Kema Christian-Taylor for WayUp.