The Inventor Of 5-Hour Energy Has A Plan To Fix The World's Problems

by Robert Parmer
The solutions are here: Great inventions that generate clean energy, that make fresh water and improve our health.

This is the revolutionary mindset of Manoj Bhargava, one of the most brilliant philanthropist entrepreneurs in the world today.

Manoj is the mastermind behind the energy drink, 5-Hour Energy.

However, he takes typical corporate ideologies and throws them straight out of the window.

Manoj has a net worth of around $4 billion, but he has pledged to donate 90 percent of his wealth to charities and to developing ideas that will change the world as we know it.

In the documentary "Billions In Change," all of Minoj’s groundbreaking concepts are completely spelled out.

He identifies a definitive need, or rather three areas of need.

These are major issues the world is currently facing.

They are answers to the issues of water shortages, the clean energy crisis and long-term basic health.

Ravi Sajwan, chief executive officer of the medical project Renew, states,

Our goal is to deliver innovations that can directly impact humanity.

Water Shortages

With the recent intense droughts in California, water conservation has received a huge amount of attention.

At its most basic level, water is easily the world’s most important resource.

There is a constant need for high-quality water for use in agriculture, and obviously also for hydration purposes.

Everyone knows water is the most crucial substance for human survival.

Yet, the fact remains that nearly 700 million people in the world still lack access to safe water.

That’s where the Rain Maker comes into play.

Manoj’s Rain Maker is a simplistic machine that simulates nature.

It heats seawater until it becomes water vapor, takes the associated moisture into series of compartments and distills it.

The steam turns into clean water.

It’s literally that simple.

The simplicity of Rain Maker is the most brilliant thing about it.

There are no consumable parts, no screens, filters or parts that need replacing all the time.

Rain Maker seamlessly created 1,000 gallons of drinkable water per hour out of seawater.

That’s almost 17 gallons of water per minute!

What’s even more remarkable is that Rain Maker creates any level of purified water.

Current machines are still too salty for agriculture, but Rain Maker doesn’t even stop there.

They hope to soon be able to turn salt water into pharmaceutical grade water at the same rate.

These machines have a simplistic cookie-cutter design makes it easy to mass produce.

The long-term goal is to be able to fill barges with thousands of Rain Makers that will then be able to constantly create fresh water in areas of the world that are suffering.

Energy Crisis

While water scarcity is a certainly an issue the world is facing today, there is a another problem that is keeping many parts of the world quite literally in the dark.

Currently 1.2 billion people are without any electricity.

Those without access to electricity must burn wood or other materials to create heat and light.

In turn, this keeps them from progressing out of poverty, and it drastically pollutes the air.

Manoj and his team of engineers have created a perfect solution: Free Electric.

This revolutionary design takes a streamlined approach.

Project Free Electric uses hybrid bicycle design to generate electricity and store it in a battery for use all day.

One hour of pedaling on the recumbent design equates to 24 hours of electricity.

This will bring the rest of the world with no access to electricity up to speed, rain or shine, night or day.

Manoj plans to donate a thousand of these to areas of India with no access to electricity very soon.

However, that’s just scratching the surface.

Healthcare Issues

Proper blood circulation is a crucial element to longevity in health.

The human body is able to properly defend itself against diseases when blood flows efficiently.

In hindsight, when circulation is hindered, health problems such as cancer, dementia, diabetes, blood pressure issues and heart diseases can develop.

The medical engineering team working with Manoj has taken an approach to health that opposes modern healthcare.

They plan to focus on prevention instead of treatment.

Project Renew is a fundamental starting point for achieving good long-term health.

Project Renew is what’s known as an external counter pulsation device (ECP).

It can also be describes as an "auxiliary heart."

Overwhelming evidence exists that backs the fact that using an ECP makes people much more healthy.

Many published peer-reviewed studies on the benefits of ECP have been posted, but the idea never made it into the mainstream media until now.

In simple terms, Renew enhances circulation.

It’s nature with a technological twist.

When people are healthier, they become stronger and there’s less disease.

Manoj puts it best by saying,

The idea is not to treat illness, it is to treat wellness. It’s to make wellness better, that’s how you treat illnesses.

Additionally, the HANS Foundation exists to distribute Manoj’s inventions to the areas that need it most.

As all of these endeavors grow, the spectrum of those being positively affected grows.

There is also a large-scale plan in the works that involves building two hospitals in India in an obscure location without medical facilities.

The evolution of sustainability is something that is always progressing.

That is precisely what Manoj and his incredible team will accomplish.

They are generating a progressive movement.

These ideas are simple at their cores and work full circle (as are the rest of Manoj’s ideas), but they will widely benefit humanity.

Ravi Sajwan ties all of these ideas together by saying,

A single person with a small team can affect close to 5 billion people.

Watch the entire documentary here.