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Funny Solar Eclipse Memes That Will Seriously Make You LOL

It's the day of the total solar eclipse, and like many overly anticipated events, there are naturally a ton of hilarious memes to follow. Literally, there's pretty much a meme for everything, so not even the solar eclipse was safe from people's meme creativity. Memes are just what we do nowadays, especially when we're trying to decipher an incredibly strenuous or historical situation. So, it was only a matter of time before social media blew up with some of the funniest solar eclipse memes.

We need to laugh at everything it seems. The solar eclipse will be happening differently for those in its path, so it's important to plan your course of action and see how and where it will be closest to you. Just make sure you aren't being incredibly swindled by a well-crafted meme that's feeding you some funny but invalid information; that's the only downside to memes. Some can be majorly convincing that they begin to circulate invalid information. At least we got a good laugh though, right? It's almost expected that the second most entertaining thing about the solar eclipse will be people's interpretation of the events, portrayed in those endless memes on social media.

1. "All Eyez On Me" Summarizes The Eclipse Perfectly

2. Let's Get Literal, Shall We?

3. Preparation Is Important AF

4. I'm Not Laughing, You're Laughing

5. Oh, Be A Sport About It

6. Did I Mention You Seriously Need Proper Eye Protection?

7. Since You Can't Get Paid Time Off To See The Eclipse

8. Who Says You Can't Watch Fashionably?

9. Plan Accordingly, Because Procrastination Is Not Your Friend

10. Toy With Our Phobias, Why Don't You?

11. No One Is Overlooking Eye Damage Possibilities, Huh?

12. Chuck Norris Is Always Applicable

13. Best Public Service Announcement Ever

14. OK, I See What You Did There

15. So, How Bad Do You Need Those Glasses?

16. Timing Is Everything

17. Eek, Let's Hope Not

18. The Search For Eclipse Glasses Is No Joke

19. These Glasses Will Seriously Make Or Break You

20. The Eclipse Also Gives Relationship Advice, Apparently

21. No Matinee This Go Around

22. Fake It Till You Make It