What Rules? Why I've Decided I'm Going to Have Fun All The Time

by Zara Barrie

I've discovered the secret key to having a happier, more exponentially enticing and fierce lifestyle: I'm going to have fun. Lots of fun. All of the f*cking time. And you, you can kindly shut the f*ck up about it.

Your negativity and self-loathing won't stop me from fulfilling my goal of living a life of relentless wonder and authentic joy.

I'm sick and tired of the masses acting as if having fun and working hard are mutually exclusive. They don't have to be. We're programmed to look at work as work and play as play, but I am choosing to dismiss that tired, dated notion.

Both work and play can be beautifully interconnected, as long as you tap into that wild, repressed imagination of yours.

In fact, I have come to find that when I begin to work from a place of unabashed amusement and irrepressible bliss, my work is actually stronger and better.

There is just no good reason to not try to have fun all of the time. There just really f*cking isn't.

I'm bored with the self-punishing nature of our society that attempts to attach “guilt” to “fun.” Why should we ever feel guilty for feeling fabulous and having a good time? Isn't that why we're here?

"Don't have too much fun. This is WORK," my manager used to say to me if I was smiling too big. I had a job selling designer makeup at a high-end department store. I was the top seller.

I used to think: Why. The. F*ck. Not?

After all, consumers wanted to be around me because I bestowed my fun energy onto them. Fun is infectious. My client list was a mile long, and I made the company more money than any other girl on the counter.

What tragedy would arise if I were to dare to have “too much fun” anyway? What if I don't want to waste my one shot at life feeling listless and bored?

What if when I’m asked how I'm doing, I don't want to respond with "hanging in there"? Why would I settle for "hanging in there" when I could be having a "f*cking blast"?

What if having fun, to me, is the most powerful feeling in the world, and I've decided to make a conscious choice to indulge only in the emotions that serve to move me?

It's not about getting wasted. It's not about getting wrecked or high. It's not about stumbling home at 5 am to the first signs of sun.

It's not about being self-destructive, or wildly irresponsible, or deeply negligent or self-involved (well, maybe a little, tiny bit self-involved, but that's okay).

I don't know when “fun” became exclusive to being intoxicated by booze and drugs. While being f*cked up can occasionally have fleeting feel-good moments, if being inebriated is the only way you know how to have fun -- I feel truly sorry for you.

Getting buzzed off life has no wicked come down.

The truth is fun is a state of motherf*cking mind, kittens. And contrary to popular belief, you can have a ball at your boring-as-f*ck job, when in a financial crisis, whilst healing a broken heart, while on a long line at the bank, even when doing your laundry and making your bed. It just takes a little bit of imagination. A spark of creativity, and a playful disposition -- that's all.

We all have an inner fun child within us begging, screaming to be set free. Let her out to play. She won't f*ck you over, I promise.

Look, I still feel the bad feels from time to time. I get hopelessly sad. People sometimes hurt me.

But I've learned to find the beauty in feeling. I don't allow myself to go on a numb autopilot anymore. Boredom has been exterminated from my life.

So, ladies and germs, I proudly present my thoughts and feelings as to why we NEED to have FUN all of the F*CKING TIME:

Because f*ck your rules.

It's time we challenge the notion that fun is only reserved for certain, specific, static moments.

Just because society told us we should be miserable during our nine-to-five jobs doesn't mean we have to listen.

Those who have decided we should dread going into work are deeply unhappy entities who are looking to drag us down with them.

F*ck that, and f*ck their rules.

Because we love to play characters.

I've had jobs I've sorely loathed. But I discovered how to make them gloriously fun without having to compromise the quality of the work.

I would simply get into character, channel a girl who is passionate about sales and see how well I could play the part.

We love to play characters. It's how we get through painful, boring situations. It taps us back into our glorious childlike playfulness.

Because if you can be boring all the time, I can have fun all of the time.

Okay, so you've decided to choose a life that's boring and dull because you don't think you deserve to have fun. I disagree.

I think having fun is a f*cking birthright. While you're always welcome to join the fun party -- I respect your dull lifestyle.

All I ask is you accept my life of freewheeling, out-of-this-world FUN, and we can live harmoniously in perfect unison.

Because I have good genes.

I come from a long line of fabulously fun women. To repress my fun nature would be to attempt to alter my genetic makeup.

If we dig deep into our roots, we all have good f*cking genes. We are products of survivors who faced incredible adversity.

They didn't withstand the hardships of the past for the future generations to feel obligated to be bored and miserable, did they?

Because when I enjoy myself, I do better at my job

When we work from a place of tension, it comes through in the work, however, when we work on a project, make a sales call or pour a drink from a place of relaxation and happiness -- it's reflected in this finished product.

As a consumer, we can immediately tell the difference when someone is serving us from a place of misery over a place of love.

It's that moment when we eat something, and we think, wow -- someone put a lot of love in this pasta. We can feel the difference and are more likely to be a repeat client.

Because I don't take sh*t so seriously

Why would we take sh*t so seriously? Ever? Unless we're curing cancer or battling in a war, we need to remember that 90 percent of the sh*t we freak out over isn't that big of a f*cking deal.

Very few things are actually life and death. To get twisted up in dire knots and hell-bent with the toxicity of stress just because you missed the train is a waste of TIME.

Because you get what you give

Whatever energy you throw out into the universe, you get back. I dare you to try it.

If you're a positive force of nature who is gracing the fine earth with fruits of gorgeous joy and love -- you're going to get that back. In abundance.

Misery breeds misery. Fun breeds more FUN.