Your Friendship Isn't Real If You Can't Tell Your BFF These 5 Things

by Tessa Harvey

I say it all the time: I don't know who I'd be without my friends. A great friend group is what holds you together when family can't. They're always there to help you get through the rough times, and to celebrate the great times. But, you may have some friendships in your life where you're consistently questioning: Is my friendship real? Not all friendships are, unfortunately... especially if you can't really talk to them about the important things going on in your life.

Fake friendships are seriously the worst. When you don't know if they're fake or not, it's easy to get blindsided when things go wrong. If you don't feel like you can talk to your friend about these five things, I hate to break it to you, but the friendship isn't real.

1. Where Your Stress Level Is At

You need a friend who's always shedding her endless support and wants to see you thrive. You also need a BFF who you can vent to at any time of the day; the last thing you need is someone who's judging you. If you don't feel like you can talk to your friend about your state of mind without her being judgy AF, TBH, you need to end it.

2. What You Believe In

Where you come from and how you were raised are significant factors in who you turn out to be, and they play an even more significant role in why you believe what you do. If you feel like talking to your friend about your beliefs, whether they're personal, political, or religious, is going to cause a rift between you two, it wasn't a real friendship to start with. These are tough topics, but a real friendship can recover.

3. If She's Treating You Poorly


Even real, true friendships have low points. And sometimes, it's just hard to tell if you've gone too far in teasing your friend. If you're hurt by something your friend said to you, the logical response is to talk to her about it. If you don't feel like you can, your friendship is more than fake; it's truly toxic to your life.

4. Your Most Embarrassing Stories

A real friendship's gotta have some laughs. One of the best bonding moments in a friendship can be the connection you have over the most embarrassing times. If you're worried your friend is going to go and expose every cringeworthy story you tell her, that friend's gotta go.

5. Your #GirlBoss Dreams And Goals

Getty Images/kali9

Lets remember a popular phrase: "Your vibe attracts your tribe." If you want to accomplish your dreams and goals, it's best to put out that vibe, and if your friend isn't down with that, she's just holding you back. The goal is to find friends who encourage you to work harder and get further, not act skeptical about your decisions. If they do, it's prime time to ditch them and move on to friends who have your best interests at heart.