The Friends Who Day Party Together, Stay Together

It's hard to explain how much I love day partying.

And it's not only the party that I love — it's the bonding aspect of the day party. When my friends and I party in the sunlight, it's always the right call.

The last time we engaged in America's favorite pastime — no, it's not baseball people — we enjoyed a round of vodka sodas while we sat on the patio of a great neighborhood bar, chatting about every subject under the sun. It was low-key, yet memorable.

But when we go out at night, every experience follows the same pattern. We see the same types of people. We play the same Top 40 songs on the jukebox. We drink the same tired cocktails and dance the same bad dance moves.

Day partying presents a bevy of opportunities. You can hang out literally anywhere and make it a party. Options like that require creativity and the kind of spontaneity that truly unite a group of people. Day parties really are the ultimate bonding tool.

After all, the friends that day party together, stay together. Here's why.

You ditch the plan together.

Sure, when you're planning a day party, you have a starting point. You might meet at your friend's rooftop with a bottle of vodka and a variety of mixers and get your tan on, or you could hit up your favorite garden bar that serves those yummy appetizers and spiked lemonades.

But the beauty of the daytime is that your meeting place is merely your starting point. You have hours and hours of sunlight to play with, paving the way for a true adventure.

Where will you guys go after your first stop? Well, the sky is the limit (that's literally the case when you decide to visit a rooftop bar).

You could go on a bike ride, relocate to a park or find a bar with a bocce court. Spontaneity is the invisible glue that holds your squad together.

You have real conversations together.

Day partying sheds literal light on all of the conversations you have with your friends. Unlike when you're in a bar at night, cloaked in darkness, distracted by loud music and (let's be honest) obnoxious people, you have the chance to get real without interruption.

You switch between the silly and the serious at breakneck speed. One moment, you're sipping your cocktails and discussing your favorite TV shows; a minute later, you're talking about your five-year plans, your dream jobs and your ideal partners.

These are the moments that elevate your friendships to the next level. It's like that classic PSA says: “The more you know.”

You make memories together.

When you reflect on the best memories you have with your friends, what are you thinking about?

Is it that crazy party that everyone was so jealous you got into? The overpriced concert that you attended together?

Or are you focusing on something more simple? Something with insightful conversation, good lighting and a lot of laughs?

Our favorite moments with our friends are rarely the flashy ones at clubs and parties. They're the moments we get to strip away everything else and just focus on each other.

Day parties help you do that, because sometimes the most fun you can have is the fun you can't plan for.