8 Truths You Inevitably Face When Your Friend Is Funnier Than You

by Brianna Wright

I got my sense of humor from my dad.

We’re witty more than anything, and I can always count on my sharp remarks to get me through an awkward conversation or a nervous setting.

But don’t we all think we’re funny?

I know people who literally only laugh at their own jokes — even when no one else cracks a smile — and will probably live their whole lives thinking they’re the funniest people on the planet.

But here’s the reality:

Just when you think you’re the funniest person in the room, the universe will suddenly drop a Keegan Michael Key or Amy Poehler-like character into that place instead.

Or in my case, it pairs you with an outrageously entertaining roommate.

My roommate is not only beautiful and interesting, but she’s also by far the funniest person I have ever met.

And I hate it.

She has the ability to make any situation funny, like "falling off of the treadmill at the gym" funny.

When the universe drops "The Funny One" into your life, there are eight things you have to come to terms with after knowing you’ll never be the funniest person in the room ever again:

1. You’ll never be labeled as "The Funny One."

"The Funny One" is literally the best moniker there is.

He or she is the person everyone turns to for comic relief.

It's a position you feel particularly suited for, but alas, you didn't watch your throne closely enough.

Your friends will be forced to evaluate your personality to see what else they could label you as.

"The Lazy One," perhaps?

"The One Who’s Always Late?"

It's hard to deny there’s no better label than "The Funny One" of the clique.

2. When your funny friend isn’t there, everyone will ask you where he or she is.

Because having her there would make a conversation with me 10 times less painful, apparently.

This is especially applicable if you’re at a social event, and someone has a funny story to tell.

3. You’re never going to be the life of the party.

Every time I go out with her, she lights up the room.

Seriously, she is the ray of sunshine in the dimly and/or blacklight-lit, rat-infested frat basement.

If you didn’t know who the life of the party was, then you blatantly ignored the huge sign above her head with an arrow pointing down.

4. When you make a joke, people still laugh. (It’s just out of pity.)

Don’t get me wrong; people still laugh at my jokes.

But in comparison to the way they laugh at her jokes, it’s a pity laugh.

Yeah, definitely a pity laugh.

5. You have to piggyback off of what he or she said in order to stay relevant.

A lot of times, I’ll just restate what she said to stay relevant to the conversation, because 1) I’m too lazy to come up with my own thing, and 2) people still laugh.

6. People will gloss over things you say.

You know that thing you do when you begin a story, and then realize no one is listening, so you slowly (and sadly) have to fade out?

Not being the funniest person in the room amplifies that feeling.

You’ll tend to be glossed over because everyone knows that a funnier story is on its merry way.

7. The mood in the room doesn’t change for you.

But it sure as hell changes when "The Funny One" walks in.

Mostly because everyone knows the conversation is going to vastly improve once he or she meanders into the conversation.

8. When you do something funny, people automatically assume it wasn’t you.

Sometimes I write funny notes around the house, but they’re never attributed to me.

My other roommates assume it was "The Funny One," so I basically just live my life without getting the credit I deserve.

But hey, it's still funny, right?

Although it might be at the cost of confidence in our humor, the universe is humbling us when it places these comedians in our lives.

And at the end of the day, listening to my voice trailing off is a small price to pay for being blessed with a friend who can make me laugh to the point of tears on a daily basis.