Man Helps Friend Conquer Fear Of Heights By Taking Him Flying For First Time (Video)

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? For me, it would be the ability to teleport.

For Eric, a chef at Presby Hall at the University of Illinois, his dream superpower would be to fly.

Luckily for Eric, his friend, Jason, is helping him make that superpower a reality.

Jason, a college student at the University of Illinois, created a YouTube channel in 2014 after meeting a few random strangers on a bus.

His long bus trips and chats with new people made him realize everyone has a dream, so he created the "Jason List" to help people check things off their bucket lists.

Once Jason learned Eric had never flown before, he made it his mission to get him up, up and away in the friendly skies.

But there's a catch: Eric is afraid of heights.

The trip quickly turns emotional for the two friends. Check out Eric and Jason's epic journey to becoming superheroes in the video above.