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If You're Freaking Out About Turning 3 This Is What You Need To Remember

Whoever said “30 is the new 20” had a very good reason to say that. Most of us freak out about turning 30 because it means we're finally adults.

It means that, by societal standards, you should have a good job by now. You should have your own place, and you probably should be engaged. However, too much responsibility tends to scare us, and this is especially true of Millennials. We are infamous for postponing marriage and kids.


But the truth is, turning 30 isn't so bad. In fact, your 30s may be the best decade of your life. Here are the reasons why:

1. You are financially independent.

You finally have the money to do the things you wanted to do in your 20s. You couldn't do them before because — let's be honest — that first job when you're fresh out of college barely pays the bills.

Now that you are in your 30s, you have a stable job. You have the money to take that weekend trip or buy that expensive watch. Now, you can grab your things and go on that Euro trip you've always dreamed about. Whatever it is that you want to do, now is the time.

2. You are wiser.

You have more knowledge now about most things in general. You look back at those days and say, “What was I thinking?”

Now that you're better informed, you make better decisions. You are no longer out of the loop. You understand life in general, and all your failures have paid off.

You have been there and done that. You have the experience and knowledge to take over the world.

3. Now the party really starts.

People in their 30s party hard, too. But, it's fancier.

They drink better champagne, better wine, better liquor and better everything. They go to the best places and hang out with the elite. They meet exciting people all over the world and go to three-day parties in Ibiza.

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4. You are sexier, and you know it.

When you turn 30, you realize you shouldn't be concerned about those few extra pounds. In fact, they don't really bother you anymore.

You learn to love your body just the way it is, and you don't stress much about the little imperfections. You come to realize you are pretty close to perfection.

You now enjoy those curves and wide hips, and this acceptance of yourself boosts your confidence to the sky. The best part is, your attitude and confidence make you even sexier. People are noticing.

5. You know yourself better.

Once you turn 30, you know what you like and don't like. You are more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

You realize that you don't need to always be with friends to have a good time. You learn to enjoy those quiet moments by yourself.

Now, you go to that expensive restaurant and really enjoy a fancy glass of wine. You realize that you now enjoy things that used to scare you, like going to the movies by yourself. You now learn that being alone is not so bad.

6. You don't have to make up excuses.

We are all grownups now. We can finally say to our friends, “I can't make it, I'm 30.” They will understand.

More often than not, we used to feel obligated to go clubbing with our friends. Thankfully, that's the past. Now, you can enjoy going to bed at 10. You can avoid all the noise without making up excuses.

Once you reach 30, you realize you have the best of both worlds. You are young, and you have lots of energy.

But, you are also wise. You are very confident.

Now, a weekend off means catching a plane to either Las Vegas or the closest island. You now attend boat shows and take tours at vineyards in California. You now do everything you wish you were able to do in your 20s.