6 Cute Flash Tattoos That Will Help You Get Your Red, White, And Blue On

Taylor Kampa

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and what better way to show your patriotism than to actually wear it on your sleeve with a flash tattoo?

But, the fun definitely doesn't stop there.

These metallic, trendy temporary tattoos can go almost anywhere on the skin for your Fourth of July party. So, whether you're wearing a bathing suit or a tank top and shorts, these cute accessories can glisten wherever you want them to.

Define your own representation of red, white, and blue with a few of these patriotic flash tattoo ideas.

1. You Had Me At Choker

Chokers are not only super cute, but they won't get in the way of your Fourth of July fun. The fact that this tattoo is of an American flag is an added bonus.

2. Hearts Aren't Just For Sleeves

Wear a heart or show your love for your country in a cute and stylish way this holiday. While your devotion to our country may be permanent, this tattoo won't be. But hey, it will be adorable for the meantime.

3. Made In The United States Of America

Flash Tattoo

Get the stamp of approval this Fourth of July, and wear it proudly.

4. #TeamAmerica Is Too #Cute For Words

Flash Tattoo

Before you act like hashtags haven't seemingly already made their way into every asset of life, look at the gold. Sheesh, why does everything dazzle in gold?

5. Peace And Love For Our Country

Flash Tattoo

Peace and love are two of the very things the world could use a lot more of, and you have a chance to wear it proudly while you're chilling by the pool.

6. Stay Lit Like A Firework


The party doesn't start until you walk in with a fireworks flash tattoo that's more #lit than the main event itself. Exciting, isn't it?

Get creative this Fourth of July with your red, white, and blue. You may not be able to light up a sky, but these cute flash tattoo ideas sure could light up a room. Not that you low-key crave being the center of attention or anything, right?