The Moon Cycle Is Eerily Similar To Menstrual Cycles, Proving Women Are Magical

by Rosey Baker
Alexsandra Jankovic

So being a lover of astrology, I tend to see everything that happens through a cosmic lens. This year in particular, I've noticed something that's sure to grab every woman by the fallopian tubes.

I've always wondered about whether or not my period is actually in sync with the moon, but it wasn't until recently that I realized the four phases of the lunar cycle are actually eerily similar to the phases of the menstrual cycle.

I've written extensively about the moon cycle, and about how each phase makes us productive in different ways, just like the phases of the menstrual cycle.

So how do you know if your menses (another word for period blood!) is truly and deeply synced up with the moon in perfect harmony? You have to be ovulating during the full moon.

The four phases of the moon and the corresponding phases of the menstrual cycle are as follows:

Phase 1: Menstrual Phase/New Moon, Planting Seeds

The menstrual phase of the menstrual cycle is otherwise known as week one, and it starts on the first day of your period. You experience a rise in estrogen after it reaches an all-time low right before your period.

Yes, you struggle with cramps and tiredness the first two or three days of your period, but by day four you get that "Ahhh, finally!" feeling and you're ready to start making plans, taking baby steps to accomplish them.

The new moon is also a time for initial plans and preparing for action. It's a time when we feel we're not moving exactly full-speed ahead, but we're planting seeds in order to do so.

Phase 2: Follicular Phase/Waxing Phase, Taking Action

Week two of your menstrual cycle is like a full-scale holiday. Estrogen and testosterone levels rise, giving us a sharper memory and a better-than-average ability to think on our feet. It also boosts our confidence.

The extra rise in testosterone is like natural caffeine, making us feel more competitive and amping up our impulsivity. Testosterone also makes us more daring, so this week is best for putting our best foot forward, taking action.

Similarly, the waxing phase of the moon gives us a boost in energy like the hormonal one we get from our follicular phase. If you're ever in your second week while the moon is waxing, any project you start is likely to take off without a hitch. The waxing moon is perfect for initiating new projects.

Phase 3: Ovulation Phase/Full Moon, Collaboration

The ovulation phase is week three of your cycle, some cycles are longer than others, but for all women, the ovulation phase begins the day after ovulation and lasts eight days.

The first half of the ovulation phase, your estrogen levels take a dip and you'll experience some less intense version of your PMS symptoms, like irritability and tiredness. This levels out in the second half of your ovulation phase.

Another hormonal change occurring in the ovulation phase is the rise of progesterone, making us more cooperative and willing to work with others. We also tend to get a real rise in our libido during this week.

The Full Moon is a time for collaboration as well, a time to pitch your ideas to others, to gain clarity, and to work with others... like to make a baby, or you know, a business plan. Or both!


Phase 4: Luteal Phase/Waning Moon, Complete Tasks

The waning moon, the period of time directly after a full moon is a time to stay focused and complete tasks. It's also a time when we start winding down in preparation for the next new moon.

This is a time of harvesting, which is also when we start getting rid of the crap we don't need, pulling up and discarding the weeds.

If the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle (your PMS week) lines up with the waning moon, don't be surprised if you feel inspired to let go of the things in your life that no longer serve you.

Trust yourself during this time, because a dip in the sedating progesterone hormone will be making you feel more clear headed, less weighed down physically and mentally.


Getting your period in line with the new moon is known as having a "White Moon Cycle," but you may you may be among the group of women who tend to get their period on the full moon, which is known as the Red Moon Cycle. Women who get their periods on the full moon were traditionally thought to be healers and wiser than other women.

So, if you were bummed to not be in line with the new moon, it could actually be because you're even more of a witch than the rest of us.