Trust Your Heart: Why You Should Always Follow Your Dreams

by Natalie Bel Hill

Do you have hunger in your heart? A yearning that keeps pulling you forward in the direction of your dreams?

You can’t stop thinking about your life being different, nor will you stop working towards what you believe in.

When you have set your sights on your dreams, it seems like a complete no-brainer to find a way to make them happen.

You’ve read all of the articles, done some heavy research and know times are bound to get a little tough.

Having prepared yourself as much as possible, you are now on a wild adventure. Every day brings its own set of challenges and surprises. You could not feel more alive if you tried.

You are chasing down your dreams, living with passion and changing your life.

Although this sounds incredibly glamorous, it can also be intimidating.

Each day, you are facing your fears head-on and have to work hard to keep moving forward. Your commitment is continually being tested, but your strength and character shine through as you keep doing what you love.

Suddenly, you have that sinking feeling and for the 100th time this week, your self-belief is being put to the test.

The people you are closest to in your life have only the best intentions for you and share their opinions out of love, even though it seems they don't support you. They don’t really "get" what you're doing, so they begin to ask questions.

I believe these people have a fear of the unknown. They don’t believe in taking risks and can’t see the point in living on the edge like we do.

At a time when we feel vulnerable and need as much support as we can get, their insights and suggestions can come across as quite negative and unsupportive.

It can be a daunting path to follow when you are the only one who seems to believe in yourself.

Following your heart is not easy, but just like that old cliché says, it’s definitely worth it.

Doing what you need to do to get where you want to go requires blood, sweat and plenty of tears. It can also be lonely at times, so you need to be strong.

We will be cultivating our belief in ourselves and building our courage and persistence as we progress.

Personal experience has shown me it can take years to find the courage to follow your heart and be honest about what you want to do. I messed around in a job I did not feel passionately about because I allowed the fear of failure to hold me back.

After some risk analysis and decision-making, I knew it was time to follow my heart. And I've learned not everyone is going to support you.

To everyone who doesn’t trust and believe in you, I’ve got something to say.

For those who can't understand what you're doing and why you're doing it, tough luck. It simply isn't their business to understand.

Following your heart is a calling that can't be ignored.

Remember this for the people in your life who question your sanity and your reason: You do not owe them an explanation.

You know where you're going and what you're doing. If you happen to be a little unclear, you have the brains and the heart to figure it out as you go along.

Show them you have a goal and you are working for it each day.

Actions always speak louder than words. You have no reason to tell them anymore, especially if they didn’t hear you the first time around. Simply keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Be strong, stand your ground and don’t take any sh*t.

Feel in control of your own life. Recognize what you want and make a promise to yourself to keep working for it. Never be afraid to put in the extra effort required when going after what you want.

After meeting so many people who have no clue what they're here for and how to live with meaning, I've realized if you know what it is that makes you feel alive, you are one of the lucky ones.

The bottom line is this: Life is easier when we don’t place expectations on other people. Though support and understanding would be nice, we don’t need it to become successful.

One day, when you are successful, they might come around. They will be the ones congratulating you on your achievements and finally seeing the value in all you have been working for.

Until then, do it for yourself.

Know the reasons behind your actions. Take steps to follow through on the promises you made to yourself. Build your confidence by reflecting on the challenges you have overcome.

Follow your heart. It’s the best call you will ever answer.

I ask and encourage you, what call can you hear coming from your heart? Will you choose to ignore it, or will you do something about it?