Why Focusing On What You Want Is The Only Way To Make It Happen

by Carla Schesser

The power of focus is one of the most important abilities of the mind.

A poorly-developed ability to focus will cause life to be difficult. Many tasks will seem impossible.

On the flip side, a properly developed ability to focus causes distractions to become almost nonexistent. Tasks become effortless as you dive in and complete them, one after the other.

In your brain, there lies a peculiar mechanism called the "Reticular Activating System," or "RAS' for short.

This brilliant little system allows you to filter the immense amount of data that is constantly flooding into your brain, in order to find what's important to you.

Without an RAS, you would be completely overwhelmed by the data you have to process just to live your day-to-day life.

Your RAS learns your habits of focus, and from that information, it filters all of the data that comes your way on a moment-to-moment basis.

In simpler terms, this means you will only ever find what you're looking for.

Your habitual point of focus can be likened to a pair of glasses with colored lenses. Whenever you put the glasses on, everything you see is tinted with the color of the lenses.

In the same way, whatever you spend your time focusing on will determine the color and texture your life takes on.

This is another very important reason to give your sincere efforts into cultivating a positive, happy mindset.

The more you decide to focus on feeling good things, the more these good feelings will show up in your environment, by the way of your RAS.

Your point of focus also determines the thoughts that occupy your mind.

Inevitably, if you begin to focus upon thoughts of your feet, these thoughts will begin flowing into your mind. This is the case with any other subject.

Your focus can be likened to a direct command given to your mind. This tells it what to think about next, and it's important we give the commands that lead to a better life.

If you choose to focus on reasons why you can achieve your goals and dreams, you will find them.

Likewise, if you choose to focus on reasons why you can't achieve your goals, you will find those too.

It really is as simple as looking for what you want to see.

A great number of us go through our lives feeling doomed by so-called "bad luck."

Understand there is nothing superstitious or mysterious about how the universe operates. It plays no games, it has no favorites and it operates according to set law, which it advertises in every blade of grass and every star in the sky.

The most successful individuals to ever walk this planet were those who made an earnest study of those laws and lived their lives in accordance with them.

"Bad luck" only happens to a person because he or she is focused on it. These people think it is just who they are, and they believe they are doomed for poverty and failure.

Inevitably, this focus can bring nothing but poverty and failure to their lives.

Whenever you see anybody failing at life, you can be sure the problem is thoughts of failure.

On the other hand, whenever you see people succeeding in life, you can be absolutely positive their thoughts are those of success and well-being.

Your thoughts create your reality, and your thoughts are determined by your point of focus.

Begin today to focus only on the things you want to see, such as happiness, love, connectivity, ease and success.

Your life will begin to change at once.