Fitness is a Lifestyle

by Sean Kaufman

Most of the body fat we accumulate is because we don't know that the foods we think are "healthy" for us -- are actually very fattening.

For example -- you may begin your day going to the fridge for a nice glass of orange juice. And hey -- it's fruit, so it seems healthy -- everyone you know thinks the same as well, and so you accept it to be true.

Well the reality of the situation is this: if you eat a "healthy" food, it's not going to make you thinner -- what will make you thinner is eating the right amount of calories -- if you eat too many calories, you're just going to add body fat…because your body will store it for later use. But calculating your calories is a whole other topic -- so let's get back on point here.

Anyway, all fruits are carbs -- not only that -- but they are sugars -- fast carbs -- and this you want to avoid, unless you have these types of carbs before or after your workout.

Juice drinks, Snapples, all sodas… I mean guys, if you're drinking this stuff you're asking to put on body fat. Drinking calories is the easiest way to add body fat because, it's deceptive. You don't get that "full feeling" quickly enough…and before you know it, you drank 500 *Sugar* calories in your coke. Please opt for diet sodas/snapples/etc…otherwise you're going to make your fitness goal EXTREMELY hard to achieve.

The more body fat you have, the less you can see your muscles and that means you won't see progress as quickly because, your art piece (your body) is being hidden by a layer of fat…and as human beings if we don't see results, our motivation can easily fall through the floor. You want to be smart with your approach to your goal, you want to make smart decisions both in training -- and in nutrition -- otherwise you'll have to apply way more effort for fewer results.

I'm going to list now foods/drinks to avoid -- and if you cut these items out of your daily routine, you're going to like the results!

1 - Drinks with calories in them.. all of them. 2 - Potato Chips, cookies, pretzels, snacks...

I'm not going to list the other obvious stuff (Donuts, cake, skittles, all the stuff that tastes absolutely fantastic)

I am advising you not to eat potato chips, Pringles, pretzels, cookies, etc because I'm asking you to change the way you look at food. For those of you who want to transform your body, I'm speaking to you -- being fit is a lifestyle, there is no quick fix -- if you stop working out, you're going to lose your lean body mass. If you stop dieting or watching your calories, your body fat will rise.

Now it's very fun and rewarding living this way -- you become creative and cook very tasty healthy meals, you feel strong, you look good, you feel more alive and powerful, you feel satisfied that you can accomplish your goals.

By avoiding the chips and cookies and all those little snacks, and by replacing them with meals with a good ratio of protein --> Carbs --> Fat, your body will love you, and transform to your dream shape. You will then be treating your body with respect.

The transition is what's important -- changing from who you are to who you want to be, so don't be abrupt, don't cut all the junk food at once, slowly make changes. At first, I cut the pizza, then the overly sized portions of food, then as my body started making nice progress, I wanted to cut anything that stood in my way from being ripped.

Believe you can do it: train hard, eat smart and be patient. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to achieving your goal.

Sean Kaufman | Elite.

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