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Fitness Blogger Sarah Puhto Posted Before And After Pics To Celebrate How Her Belly Grows When She Eats

Belly love is in, people! Haven't you heard? Fitness blogger Sara Puhto — who gained a following for sharing before and after photos of her workout journey to debunk Instagram body myths — posted a set of photos to highlight how her body changes when she eats. The body-positive blogger wants more people to not only stop setting goals based on the "perfect" Instagram bodies they might see, but to also embrace how their bodies look after eating, and in general.

Puhto posted a before and after photo paired with a message about how she used to obsess over her weight, especially after she ate. Her caption reads, in part,

She also has advice for people who focus on their weight with unhealthy motivations and gave recommendations for how to fall into a fitness routine that works for your body and your self-image.

She wrote,

And it's not just bellies that Puhto believes we don't show enough love for. She also shared two photos of her butt taken from different angles, and what her thought process used to be about how her body should look in a bathing suit.

Puhto wrote,

Her photos really show the difference between our true beauty and what we perceive as beautiful. Here are a few more myths she wants to debunk about our bodies:

Having an extra pouch when you sit down is normal.

You don't have to "dress for your body type." Just wear what you want.

Period bloat is a thing, it's normal, and it doesn't make you any less gorgeous.

Women often have their bodies ridiculed and shamed when they don't fit certain standards. Some people have even rejected Instagram fitness culture because of the inaccurate representations of what it means to be fit, healthy, and attractive.

It's refreshing to see a fitness blogger share a realistic wellness journey that encourages people to love their bodies at every stage, and to pursue physical health without applying the unhealthy mainstream beauty standards.

Keep doing your thang, Puhto.