9 Fights You'll Only Have With Friends While You’re In Your 20s

by Alexa Mellardo

Have you constantly been butting heads with one of your besties lately? Odds are, the reason why is super simple: It's because you're in your 20s.

The game has changed so much since we were loving life, carefree in college.

Guille Faingold

Whether we like it or not, we're adulting now… super hard, at that.

Life has taken a drastic turn. We're paying bills and working on our careers, and we've grown up to be so much more independent and confident.

We've changed, and we're embracing a different stage of life now.

On the one hand, just because it's a new phase, it doesn't mean it's anything short of awesome.

On the other hand, some things (unfortunately) take a turn for the worse. For example, when it comes to the friends who you thought you'd be close to your entire life.

Take the characters on "Girls," for example: They're fighting all the damn time.

Here are the nine fights you'll have with friends while you're in your 20s... as the characters of "Girls" most likely know all too well:

1. Someone is never wrong and always right.

OK, you got away with some form of this in high school. But now, it's time to grow up. It's rare (if not impossible) for someone to be right all the time.

It's OK to accept defeat. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. We live and we learn.

It's never an acceptable natural reaction to think you're always right; that gets old really fast. No one has the time or patience for it.

The person who thinks he or she is right all the time will most likely end up with no one around.

2. Someone steals.

Girls are notorious for stealing ideas and not dropping a compliment where it's deserved. For real, though: Have the maturity to own up to it. You'll look and sound so much more confident.

Exhibit A: You're head-over-heels in love with the dress your friend wore to her engagement party. You decide to copy her chic look to a T without telling her you like it. Then, you take all the credit for it like it's your own.

WTF, girl?! Totally not cool.

3. Someone cheats you out of love.

Luke Liable

UGH, the high school saga continues. But in this phase of your life, it's different. When you're talking about a potential soulmate, this can hurt like a bitch.

When all is said and done, love isn't always a fair game. Even if you consider her to be a really close friend, a girl can make it her mission to pursue a guy you really like.

It's still not OK, and it never will be OK for a friend to go after a guy you have interest in. In my opinion, drop her like it's hot because she's a toxic person.

4. Someone makes it her life motto to be a drama queen.

Girls will be girls, and some will never grow up.

There will always be some drama in the squad, and it's your choice to decide when enough is enough... and if that friend is truly worth all the drama she tries to stir up.

5. Someone is a stage-five clinger.

Sometimes, a friend never moves out of the nest. She still counts on you for all of her plans.

Even though you're hitting up happy hours with your co-workers and going out on dates with guys you like, she relies on you to fill up her social calendar.

6. Someone is jealous.

From excelling in your career to having a new boyfriend and exploring new friendships, the jealousy will always be there.

It can get so strong, it can ruin a friendship.

Jealousy is another form of toxicity, and you don't need any of it in your life.

7. Someone is sneaky AF.

Making backdoor plans and going on vacations while intentionally excluding another friend is complete and utter bullshit. Stop with the sneakiness ASAP.

8. Someone ties the knot and drifts away.

20th Century Fox

If this person is the peanut butter to your jelly, this one can cut super deep. You feel angry, sad and depressed to lose one of your main girls.

You thought you'd be close to her your entire life.

9. Someone puts a career before friends.

You have to have balance in your life with all your different friend groups. Co-workers and friends both deserve time, and nobody should be ditched while making plans in the process.

We had always hoped Regina George would cease to exist in adulthood, but the betch follows us everywhere. The high school drama and petty fights seem to always be there, too... no matter how old you are.

You may have experienced a form of this earlier in your life. But the fights hurt even more in your 20s because you'd thought your friend had grown up.