7 Totally Rational Fears You'll Have Before Starting Freshman Year Of College

Monkey Business/Fotolia

Starting college, especially if you're going far from home, can be totally scary. It's an overwhelming and new experience, so it's totally understandable to be nervous about what lies ahead. That being said, college is also exciting and fun, so try your best not to let your fears get in the way of having the time of your life.

Your life at home may have been a fun time as well, but there's truly nothing like the college experience. If you're living on campus, you'll be staying with thousands of other students who are a lot like you. If you get lucky with your roommates, you'll end up living with your best friends, too.

College isn't all about making friends, though. You're there to learn and pursue a career, which can be a lot of pressure. Nevertheless, your campus will have countless resources for you to take advantage of when you need them. Your fears are normal, and are more than likely nothing to worry about. Before you know it, you'll be living it up like the college pro you know you are. Here are a few of the fears you may have before starting your freshman year of college.

1. That You'll Be Too Homesick


Yes, you'll probably experience homesickness at some point during your first semester at school, but when the time comes, you'll know what to do to help. Your campus will have resources for freshman as well as counseling services at the health center. If someone doesn't inform you of these resources during freshman orientation, a quick question is all it takes to find what you need. Better yet, Mom and Dad are only a phone call away.

2. That You're Not Ready

Nearly every freshman shares this worry, and nearly every freshman realizes they have absolutely nothing to worry about. There's no one way to determine whether or not you're "ready" to leave home and begin a new adventure, so all you can do is give it a try. You can jump right in, or take it one step at a time... whatever works for you.

3. That You'll Have A Roommate You Don't Get Along With

Having a roommate you don't get along with is always a possibility, but it won't make or break your entire college experience. If you're really concerned, talk to your RA and discuss your options. You can always move rooms if things are really that bad.

4. That You Won't Make Friends

This is another common concern that you really don't need to stress over. All freshman on your campus are in the same boat as you are, so you already have something in common with a quarter of the students on campus. You'll meet friends without even trying, and professors will help you get to know your classmates with name games and group projects throughout the semester.

5. That You're Not Prepared For College-Level Classes

College is a lot different than what you're used to, but it's what you've been preparing for since kindergarten. Your school didn't admit you by accident (they would've told you by now), so you definitely can thrive at college. It will take some getting used to for sure, but it's nothing you can't handle.

6. That You Can't Handle The Workload


If this is a legitimate concern, you don't have to take on a full course load during your first semester. You can work your way up to a full schedule, especially if you're working while you're going to school. Remember, your school has a ton of resources available to you for academic or organizational help.

7. That You Don't Know How To Adult

College is the perfect place to learn how to be independent. No one expects you to know everything, and mistakes are no big deal. Don't be afraid of imperfection; it's how you learn.