20 Fears Girls Have In Their 20s That Make Life An Emotional Roller Coaster

Most of us hope we'll be destined for greatness.

It's a deep, longing desire we hold close to heart, and we try to do everything in our power to set it as a life goal.

We want to make our mark on this crazy life... something that screams we were here, loud and clear.

We only have one shot, so why not strive for the best in everything we do?

Alexander Grabchilev

Well, because when it comes down to it, we're scared AF. And fear has the potential to hold us back from greatness.

So many of us fear the unknown. For example, you may remain in a relationship you're not into anymore simply because you're scared of taking that leap of faith and cutting the cord.

You know what you have, and you don't know what you're going to get. So, you settle.

Settling for anything less than what you have to offer — whether it involves your career or your love life — only sets you up for a lonely life.

Here are 20 fears girls have in their 20s that make life a crazy, emotional roller coaster ride.

1. Never meeting your soulmate.

2. Falling for the wrong guy and getting your heart broken.

3. Settling for someone who you love, but are not IN love with.

Luke Liable

4. Being in the completely wrong field.

5. Having a boss who treats you like shit.

6. Not living up to your parents' expectations and disappointing them.

7. Relocating your life, and moving away from all your friends and family.

8. Losing loved ones, and being forced to accept the reality that your parents and grandparents won't be around forever.

9. Never finding yourself.

Marija Savic

10. Keeping a toxic person you love in your life, out of the fear of losing him or her completely.

11. Blowing away all the money you saved, and putting yourself further in debt.

12. The depressing reality that every single birthday means you're getting older.

Sean Locke

13. Pushing people away and growing apart.

14. Not traveling as much as you dreamed you would.

15. Not having enough time to cross things off your bucket list.

16. Getting married.

Ania Boniecka

17. Never moving into a place of your own.

18. Becoming so immersed in your career, you leave no time for play.

19. Not making a difference in the world.

20. Screwing up your shot at love with a nice guy who may have been “the one.”

Learning to conquer any of the fears you have will set you up for greatness.

Never allow fear to be the boss of you: It's up to YOU to take control of your fears, and tell them to go where the sun don't shine.