This Infographic Shows You The 18 Fastest Things In The World

by Kevin Schlittenhardt

The word "fast" can change context just as quickly as its definition suggests.

We know that light and sound are fast AF, but do we know exactly how fast? And do we know how this version of "fast" compares to OUR version of "fast" (say, a Bugatti supercar or Usain Bolt)?

Well, fortunately for us, Solar Centre, a UK-based eco brand that specializes in the latest battery, LED and solar technology, put all the fastest things in the world into perspective for us -- and they will definitely change your definition of fast.

Let's break it down, shall we?

The Solar Centre

As I said before, light is fast AF. The sun is over 92 million miles away from Earth, yet sunlight can reach Earth in fewer than nine minutes. It takes me longer than that to reach the bathroom in the morning.

But it turns out, as fast as light is, we actually have something here on Earth that can compare -- a particle accelerator in Switzerland called The Large Hadron Collider, capable of, you guessed it, accelerating particles to speeds of up to 300 meters per second, which, as the infographic suggests, is the equivalent of traveling the circumference of the Earth seven and a half times in one second.

But enough of this space and particle stuff. Let's get to the next batch:

The Solar Centre

Turns out, in the grand scheme of things, the speed of sound isn't REALLY that fast, placing at seventh in the world. But at least now we're getting to some more Earth things, right?

The Maglev Train in Japan runs on magnetic levitation, eliminating much of the resistance that effects ground-bound trains and increasing the efficiency of work input vs work output.

Then, we get to some of the fastest cars ever produced -- the Hennessey Venom GT and the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport -- which combine for a price tag of over $3 million.

And how about that Peregrine Falcon, believed to be able to dive at a speed of 200 mph! Could you imagine diving at such a speed? I won't even dive in the deep end of the pool at a speed of probable-belly-flop-per-hour.

And now, the last batch:

The Solar Centre

Finally, there's our cheetah, capable of running up to 75 mph. Trailing the cheetah is the sailfish, which can rip through the water at 68 mph, but, to be fair, it is probably faster than a cheetah if you throw a cheetah in the ocean, which you should never do -- unless, of course, you throw it down that Insano Waterslide, which apparently flings its participants down a water-filled chute at 65 mph.

Speaking of being flung down extreme heights, an elevator in Taiwan travels at 37 mph, which sounds absolutely terrifying. And finally, we get to our boy Usain Bolt, widely considered to be the fastest human being on the planet.

And there you have it! Turns out, some of our fastest cars and modes of transportation are actually really slow when compared to the rest of the world. But we shouldn't feel too bad, because, heck, even sound seems slow.