5 Reasons Your Facebook Rant May Be Costing You Friends

Facebook ranters are the worst kind of people.

They bitch about every single tiny detail of their lives. They are negative, small-minded and essentially attention whores.

The Facebook status used to mean putting up where you're going on vacation, posting a favorite song lyric or announcing huge, life-changing news.

But now, thanks to this new generation of people who have no idea what it means to keep a private life due to social media, Facebook statuses basically act as diaries for these people.

It’s time to keep your sh*t to yourself, Facebook ranters.

Here are the reasons why I am slowly unfriending each and every one of you:

1. You're making Facebook a negative place.

When I log on to Facebook, it’s because I can afford to take a little break from my everyday activities.

So, if I’m having a bad day and I see you bitching about how you have homework to do, you are doing nothing but spreading the negativity.

Please take a step back and decide whether the problems you're being a big baby about are truly worth people’s time to read.

You may also want to consider why you feel the constant need to make others miserable just because you are.

Stop spreading negative energy and start spreading light and positivity to others. Maybe then, you won’t feel the need to be a negative Nancy all the time.

2. Some people who are reading your status have bigger problems than you do.

Think about it.

You're announcing on Facebook how someone mistreated you at a restaurant for being different. Meanwhile, someone who has a disability may experience this every day.

It makes you sound incredibly insensitive and self-absorbed.

Do you really think no one in the world has bigger problems than you do?

You sound ungrateful, and like you've never been through a real trauma or life experience before.

Please be considerate of those who have been handed a lot of curveballs and strike-outs in their lifetimes.

3. You sound petty and small-minded.

You're seriously bitching about how someone spelled your name at Starbucks wrong? Get a grip.

When you rant about something on Facebook, you sound self-absorbed, and like no one else in the world has ever experienced anything like you have.

Look at the bigger picture, people.

Out of the 7.5 billion people in the world, you aren’t the only one who has ever experienced a certain problem.

The superficial things you chose to whine about make you seem so petty and immature.

You making a big deal out of nothing isn't shedding light on a serious issue. People spelling your name wrong on a cup is not an attack on your identity.

There are people in this world who can't afford food at all, let alone an overpriced latte at Starbucks.

Get some perspective, move on and grow up.

4. Focus on other things.

If you feel the constant need to post every detail of your life on Facebook, you might want to consider focusing your time elsewhere.

Keep your sh*t to yourself.

If you really feel like you need an outlet for your thoughts and feelings, consider keeping a journal or investing in a therapy session.

Either way, it’s still more effective and better for the human race if you shut up and stop your babble about your latest grocery trip.

5. You could be offending others.

What if you were going on and on about something that you didn’t know hurt the feelings of one of your Facebook friends?

It’s rude and insensitive to speak on topics you don't have full knowledge of.

Please think before you speak out against something that could be offensive to one of your Facebook friends. Even though you feel you have a right to express your opinion, you don’t have a right to be a total bitch over a Facebook status.

Don't speak on matters you have never experienced yourself.

If you've never experienced racism, you can't speak on how racism feels. If you've never been sexually harassed, you can't speak on how sexual harassment feels.

You can't speak for the experiences and circumstances you have never endured, and you sure as hell can't speak for them in a Facebook status.

Furthermore, you can't decide whether or not a post you see is true or false. You don't know that particular person's circumstances, so don't comment on his or her post pretending you do.

You don't.

Social media has shown our generation we need to put everything about ourselves out into the open in order to be accepted into society.

People who are more private about their lives are considered weird or unfriendly.

We spend so much more time getting to know people through their social media accounts, instead of how they are in real life.

If we paid more attention to how people interact in the real world as compared to how much we pay attention to their latest Facebook rants, our society would be more interactive and social.

Put down your phone, log off Facebook and spend some time in the fresh air.