Why Monday Doesn't Have To Be The Worst Day Of The Week

by Sonya Matejko

Here we are again, another Monday. It’s the day of the week we all dread, the day on our planner we look at with remorse. We cross our fingers for national holidays to hit on this day. We’d easily barter today for another Friday.

We binge on coffee and “I hate Monday” group texts. We try to mentally prepare on Sunday, but it never seems to work once the alarm goes off. We hit snooze; we hit snooze again.

We contemplate calling in sick with something your manager wouldn’t ask too many questions about, like a stomach bug.

Alas, we take our laptop bags and the bags under our eyes, and we follow through with our obligations.

We mope until the day is done and exaggerate every task as if answering emails is exponentially harder on this day of the week. No one cheers for this day like we do for a Friday. Even happy hours rarely exist until after Wednesday.

You know what, though? Monday doesn’t have to have this reputation. It doesn’t have to kill your soul like we sometimes act like it does, and all for one simple reason: You’re still you every day of every week, and YOU are pretty amazing.

For that reason, Monday should be just as wonderful as you.

You have survived so many Mondays before this one. You have endured so much more than a lineup of Mondays. You have probably survived your share of heartbreak, disappointment, regret and even failure. You have gotten through it all to get to today, and that makes you special.

You should applaud yourself for getting this far in a life that is never truly certain. It’s an accomplishment to never take for granted. If there’s ever a day to stop and smell the roses, it should be on this day.

On a Monday, there are many things to smile about. Look at the life you live and realize it’s so much bigger than a day on the calendar.

Today, you can still tell your family and friends how much you appreciate them; it’ll probably mean even more to them.

Today, you can still smile at a stranger, or you hold the door open for the suits leaving forlornly out of Starbucks. Your random act of kindness could suddenly make someone else’s Monday not so bad.

Your coffee probably tastes even better today because your brain thinks you need it more. If you’re sitting and lamenting over how much you killed your diet this weekend, stop and eat a cookie (in exchange for a salad later). Monday should not be a day to look back on regrets.

Don’t think about what you wish you did or didn’t do on the two days of freedom to which you’re entitled. Think about how great those days were. Think about how great all the days ahead of you could be. Make today one of those days.

Throw a dance party in the office. Treat yourself to wine after work. Sing at the top of your lungs when you’re stuck in traffic. Start saying, “Happy Monday” in your emails instead of just on Friday.

Monday doesn’t have to be so bad after all. Today, you’re one day closer to reaching your dreams. Today, you’re one day closer to meeting your destiny.

Today, you’re one day closer to finding your soulmate, or it’s another day you can spend with the one you’ve already found.

Today, you are a living, breathing piece of magic. You are remarkable in every way. Your life doesn’t need to be anymore figured out on Monday than any other. We’ll all get to where we’re meant to be eventually. Don’t stall on getting to that miraculous place by wasting today.

The world is filled with beautiful things, and one of them is you. When you wake up on Monday, smile at the fact that you’re lucky to have another one. The world is lucky to have you.

So, cut one of those snooze buttons; there’s a life to be lived. And you know what? It’s a pretty damn great one.