Why Every Girl Needs That One Friend Who Is Just Like Family To Keep Her Sane

Good friends are like good family. They've seen you through the good and the bad. They know your worst sides and your best. They fight with you and love you. And no matter how low and defeated you feel, they remind you that you're never alone.

There comes a point in our lives when our parents become more like strangers and our friends become more like caretakers. It’s that point when we can no longer confide in our parents, when we need someone on the outside to dry our tears and brush the dirt off.

It’s that point when you trust your friends with your most private thoughts, those thoughts you only ever had in the sanctity of your own room.

It’s the point where you need someone to love you, someone who isn’t going to scold you when you need to vent or give you a lesson every time you confide in her. Just someone who is going to love you unconditionally in this lonely world we've ventured into.

Good friends are the ones holding your hair back and giving you a shoulder to cry on. They are the ones watching out for you and threatening to beat up the next guy who breaks your heart.

They are the ones who hear your real sorrow and pains, the ones you can’t tell your parents because you really don’t know them anymore.

They are the people who know you better than your own siblings do. They know your secrets and your fears. They know your innermost desires and your hidden motives. They know what makes you tick and what really puts you in a bad mood.

But, most importantly, they know how to just be there for you. Like the silent comfort your family brings, they stand beside you through life with no judgments, pretense or hidden motives.

They become the validation of your existence. Experiences aren’t the same without them, achievements aren’t as impressive without their approval, and life isn’t as good without them by your side.

We need them when we’re happy, but more importantly, when our world is crashing down around us. We need them to help us not only pick up the pieces, but find the ones we didn’t realize we were missing. We need them because we need family.

They are our therapists, psychoanalysts and sound boards. They are for us when we can’t breathe and need someone to supply that life support. They are there when we need to scream through choked sobs or vent, once again, about the guy who never called us back.

Unlike our parents or coworkers, there is no filtration system. There is no tiptoeing around the issue, or worrying about being politically correct. There is just you and your mirror. Looking into your other half, saying what you need to say to yourself, and hearing what you need to hear back.

Whether it’s something they know you need to hear, or something you don’t want to hear, it’s always for your best interests. And best friends always know what they are because a true best friend is really just your family.

She Cares Like Your Mother

Your pain is her pain. When you cry, she feels that soft twinge in her own heart. When you're sobbing through choked breaths, she asks you to slow down because she's worried you can't breathe.

When you tell her you have a doctor's appointment, she asks to go with you. You are each other’s overprotective, overbearing and over-caring mothers.

She gets you an extra sandwich at the deli because she knows you probably forgot to eat dinner. She orders your drink before you get there because she knows what you like. She worries about how your date is going and makes sure you call her right after.

She tells you to buy those shoes a half size bigger because you complain when they pinch. She buys things that make her think of you. She is always looking out for you because she’s always with you, right by your side, watching you.

She Scolds Like Your Father

She’s not scared to tell you when you’re wrong. She has your best interests at heart and sees when you’re not protecting them. She watches over you as if you were her own little girl and will get just as mad when you're not watching out for yourself.

She will write off the people who mistreat you and scold you when you try and go back to them. She will tell you when you’re with a guy who doesn’t deserve you or when you’re going to get hurt.

She will tell you not to go home with him, or stay by your side, talking to his roommate, until you come to your senses. She will tell you when you’re making a mistake, but never hold it against you after you ignore her advice.

She Teases Like Your Brother

She knows you better than anyone and isn’t past pushing your buttons. She’ll throw a jab or two just to get you riled up. She knows what makes you laugh and what will make you pee your pants.

She’ll go to a prank store and spend $20 just to see the look on your face when she “gets you.” She’ll hide in your closet and scare the sh*t out of you. She’ll prank call you and show up unannounced on your dates. She’s a pest, an instigator and the only person you know you’ll always have fun with.

She Protects Like Your Sister

She’s not dangerous… unless threatened. She’s your best friend and everyone else’s worst enemy. Crossing you is like double crossing her and she will make sure to get revenge for the both of you. She will call your landlord when he won’t stop bugging you or yell at the guy on the street who whistled at you.

She has no problem telling off those people you’re too scared to talk to and will fight any battle you need her in. She only wants what is best for you and will make sure anyone who gets in your way knows that you are one of a pair.

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