8 Non-Cliché Ideas For Your Engagement Pics That Aren't Totally Embarrassing


Getting engaged is an exciting part of anyone's life. But, if you've been on the other side receiving the news, you know there have been some seriously cringe-worthy engagement announcements.

A lot of people might find themselves caught up in the moment, and #DoItForTheGram without giving it much thought.

People don't do it on purpose, but we are in the age of instant gratification, which has sadly delved into the marriage world as well.

If you're at that stage in your life when it's time to tell the world you're going to tie the knot, find some inspiration from these non-embarrassing approaches to engagement announcements.

1. The Puppy-Pioneered Photoshoot

You're probably thinking, how the heck is involving a dog in an engagement photoshoot not cliché? Well, the people who put their dogs in super unnatural situations are the ones who fall in the cliché realm.

In this picture, the dog is engaging in real, adorable dog behavior, chasing airborne leaves. The pup also isn't wearing clothes, which is a notoriously corny cliché.

2. The "All About Work" Photoshoot

Hey, why not?

If you have a cool, standout profession that can be cutely accessorized for engagement photos, go for it. This can often be overdone as well when you start adding crazy, unnecessary dramatics.

This one is simple, tasteful, and to the point.

3. The Playful Fair Photoshoot

Sorry Disneyland, but you are super played out.

Also, what happened to the playful endearment of county fairs and festivals? The fair theme caters to the excitement and beauty of found love.

4. The "Get The Kids Involved" Photoshoot

Involving kids in an engagement photoshoot brings the idea of unity full circle. They are the epitome of family, and they can be pretty freaking cute at times.

5. Make It All About A Shared Hobby

Revealing a shared interest is an incredibly great approach to engagement announcements, because they'll look a lot more natural.

In this particular example, you can't help but be intrigued by the love between these two Harry Potter lovers.

6. The Home Run Photoshoot

OK, before you say sports are cliché, they really aren't.

The people who overdo the sports are the ones who come out looking cliché. Sports are testy, because the more props you use, the less it becomes about the engagement. Take a swing at it.

7. Use A Food Or Beverage As A Prop

The love and need for coffee is something many people can get behind. Involving beverages or food props for your photoshoot doesn't take much, but if maxed out, it can turn into a mess.

8. Use Signage And Words

Gabby Orcutt/ Unsplash

Now, back to that instant gratification thing. People love having small signs and sayings in their engagement photos, but to be honest, no one wants to reading anything.

Most times, we are distracted by the shiny ring or what sort of shoes the bride-to-be is wearing. A quick, empowering word or phrase will get the point across effectively.

Don't let your moment be like everyone else's. Keep it original, and let the rest unfold naturally.