If You Embrace Negativity, You're Probably More Balanced Than Everyone Else

by Anaies

Have you ever had those days where all you want to do is lie down on bed and sulk, regardless of what time or day it is? When this usually happens, we can't help but think of all the negativity, doubts, insecurities and worries that bother our minds so much.

To survive, of course, these petty negativities are shoved at the back of heads just so we can keep up and go on with our daily lives. But, we can't choose where and when these negativities should pop up in our heads. When they do, they just do. They hit you hard, too.

Here are three reasons it is so difficult to fight these "demons" lurking inside our heads:

1. Negativity is a cycle.

Once we've started thinking negatively about a certain thing or situation, our minds continue to worsen the thoughts we have. Rather than seeing the positive side of what could happen, we tend to overthink things, which leads to an endless chain reaction of negativity.

2. Negativity is inevitable.

No matter what we do, there is always something bad that's bound to happen in a day. However, when we think about the bad too much, we never notice all the good things that happen in our lives. All of these positives don't make us feel better because we haven't found solutions to our problems.

3. Negativity is everywhere.

Negativity can strike at any time, even when you least expect it to. A simple situation that pisses you off can turn your day into one of your "worst days ever" and make you feel grumpy all day.

So, what's the solution to negativity? Don't fight it off. That's right; you read that correctly. Don't fight the negativity away from your mind. You might be a bit surprised. Maybe you're wondering how it's even possible to fight off negativity if you don't try to do anything to keep it away from you. Well, fighting something off means defending yourself from harm or fear and overcoming it.

When it comes to negativity, you shouldn't try to overcome it; you have to accept it. Know there is something bad in your life. Don't deny it and hide it. Accepting the negativity you're currently dealing with will actually help you find the solution to your problem. Once you have acknowledged the negativity, it is easier to turn work toward becoming positive.

Accepting there is something negative happening in your life right now can help you calm your nerves. Instead of worrying about why this bad thing is happening, accept the fact this bad thing is a part of your life now, but only temporarily.

Once you've told yourself this bad thing in your life is present and won't be going anywhere for now, it's time for you to contemplate on it by asking, "Is it worth making so much of a fuss about?" If it's not, breathe. Take as much deep breaths as you can, and tell yourself it's just a minor thing. There are plenty of good things to be happy about, anyway.

If it is a huge bad thing that's going to last for several days, don't fret. The next thing for you to do is find solutions by doing what you love. Doing any activity of your interest can actually boost your spirits up. Just do the things you would normally do when you're your bubbly self. If you don't feel like it, force yourself to do it. If they say faking a smile can actually improve your mood, what's better than you indulging yourself with activities you love?

Another way for you to handle your negativity is by doing nothing. That's right; do absolutely nothing but sulk about it. If you really can't make yourself do anything that may help you cheer up, then don't budge. Cry. Eat. Sleep. Take a long nice bath. Think. Repeat. Don't get wasted. Don't harm yourself. Just live. Bear with the pain because it will pass.

It takes time to force ourselves to get up and do the things we love to do during our darkest times, but remember to try. It's OK to do nothing at first. Take your time to absorb all the sadness. Afterward, try to do what you loved doing when you were fine.

Remember to breathe when negativity strikes. If the negativity lasts longer than you expect it to, do something you love. If you can't yet, then have a day to yourself. Learn to find the good in those bad days, and live through the positivities and negativities during your life's journey.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only and is not intended for the treatment of serious mental illnesses.