Why You Should Drop Everything And Go Visit Your Mother


Moms are great, it's as simple as that. Let's be real: None of us would be here if it weren't for our moms.

If you're lucky enough to have a good one, then that's even better. I had a great mom, but to say she was one-of-a-kind would not be doing her justice. She was a once in a lifetime type woman, and unfortunately, her lifetime ended much sooner than expected, but that's a story for another day, or maybe another lifetime.

But we're in this lifetime now, and for those who still have moms who can still call them, talk to them or just sit in silence with, cherish that because as cliched as it sounds, you're not guaranteed those moments.

This is coming from someone who knows this all too well.

How many times have you sat in front of the TV wiping away tears because of those damn P&G commercials during the Olympics?

For those of you who say none, you are either lying or have no soul, because I don't think I have enough fingers, toes or friend's fingers and toes to accurately count the times I've had an ugly cry during those commercials.

You know, those deep sobbing cries, that leave your face puffy and gross -- basically giving you a face that literally only a mother could love.

Whether your mom is the “cool mom” or the “team mom” or just your mom, these are the reasons why you should just drop everything and go hang out with that lovely lady who gave you life.

She Gave You Life

Let me repeat: Your mother literally gave you life.

She brought you into this crazy world, so the least you can do is spend some time with her. Do you need to spend every waking second with her?

Probably not, but some major quality time is always appreciated and chances are, that's all she really cares about.

She Becomes Your Friend

The cycle of life between kids and parents is one worth discussing. When we're kids, we pretty much need our parents, especially our mom, to survive.

She fed, bathed and simply loved us just because we were a miniature her. Then we become teenagers and God forbid our friends even realize we have a mom.

Maybe the lines blurred between these time frames, but I'd be a huge liar if I said I didn't tell my mom when I had certain games, or made her drop me off a block away from school.

Then college and post-college life comes around and you love your mom, your friend's mom, practically any mom that comes around because they go back to feeding us because we're broke as fuck.

The best part about this time is that your mom really becomes your friend. She's your confidant, your buddy, and gives more unconditional love than any friend possible, no matter how good that friend may be.

Motherly Advice

My mom was a little crazy, even my friends will tell you that. But she did give some damn good advice. She had some wise words about men (I usually never listened, which could explain my current relationship status, or lack there of), careers and just about anything under the sun.

One of my favorite tidbits was, “Don't ever leave the house without clean underwear, just in case you get into a car accident or something else. You never want to be the person who was found with dirty underwear.”

Told you she was crazy, but she had a point. But the ultimate piece of advice? “Be confident enough to be yourself.” I'm trying to that every damn day.

Whether you need advice on love, whether you should leave your job for a better opportunity, or you need to know how to keep your colors from fading after 70 washes, your mom probably has the answer.

If she doesn't, then she'll most likely have some type of answer that's better than the one you came up with yourself.

Because She Did Her Job

My mom used to say, “If I go to bed and wake up, and my kids are still alive, then I did my job.”

Your mom may drive you crazy at times, but think about all the years she spent loving you more than herself. Consider all the money she didn't spend on herself because you had to play for the travel softball or volleyball team, or both.

Did she complain? I doubt it.

All she wanted was to see her baby happy because she felt that was her job as a mom. My mom isn't here anymore for me to go see her just because, but if I could just sit next to her for one more second, I would tell her she did her job, and then some.