Don't Fear Change: 4 Post-Grad Life Changes You Should Embrace


With time comes inevitable change. We do not always get to decide where life takes us or what obstacles are thrown our way, but we can always make the best of every situation and appreciate the positives.

High school and college graduations are life-changing and yes, intimidating endeavors. In their wakes, though, we often find ourselves lost and confused, worried about what’s to come and what will happen.

Our biggest decisions are no longer “When should we call a cab?” and “Should I study or watch more 'Entourage’?” Now, the decisions we have to make will affect our lives forever: “Where do I want to live?” “What do I want to do?” “Do I even like my field of study?”

We have our fair share of decisions to make upon leaving school and they are extremely tough ones. The thing is, change is only temporary. If we hang ourselves up on these “big” decisions, we’re likely to miss out on the excitement of life. We should make these decisions confidently because only we know what’s best for us. Do what YOU believe is right and if it doesn’t work out, pretty soon, a new opportunity will come along.

There are so many opportunities waiting for us; we just have to have the courage to take them. If you don’t like your job, you don't have to hold it forever.

Hate the city to which you just moved? Start looking for work somewhere else. You live and you learn, and life is an ongoing adventure. If you are afraid of change, you are afraid to live your life. We can’t stay in “college mode” forever -- and we shouldn’t want to do so.

Now that you graduated, you have the ability to chase what you want in life. If you want to achieve your dreams, do not hold yourself back in the safe zone.

Embrace change, put yourself out there, appreciate new people and places, and your life will fall into place. It will take time for us to find ourselves and find our places in this world, but by taking chances, you will be another step closer to getting there.

Just remember, there is always another decision to make, another chapter in our lives to begin and another chance to make a positive change -- don’t hold back.

Here are four major life changes you will experience after graduation and how to cope with them:

1. Moving to a new city

As someone who is about to leave her hometown after 23 years, I understand that moving to a different place is a huge change, however, it should be an exciting one. It comes with the ability to take on a new place. You get to explore said new place and make it your very own. Take advantage of everything new; go out, meet people, explore around and eventually, you'll find your niche. Give yourself time to adjust and don't give up.

2. Taking a new job

Yay! You got a job! Now it’s time to prove that you're meant to be there, no matter how much you hate being the "new one" or how nervous you are.

If your new job is in a field you’re passionate about, it’s even more of a reason to embrace the opportunity. Just like moving to a new city, give yourself time to adjust. If you still don't enjoy the job after that, stick with it until you land another. I guarantee you’ll be able to learn something from every employer, and you can use that experience in the future.

3. Ending a relationship

So you've ended a long-term relationship and you're distraught. This may seem like a scary situation, but it shouldn't be fear inducing. Although it will take time, you will heal. If you're meant to be together, it will happen, but if you broke up for a good reason, remember it. Take the chance to find yourself again.

If you broke up for a legitimate reason, stay apart. Don't return solely because you feel sad or lonely or just want sex. If you broke up before, you'll break up again and then you'll have to go through the same painful process. Stay strong and embrace your freedom.

4. All of your college friends get separated

This is a tough one. You've grown close to these friends and made irreplaceable memories, so it's difficult to not see them daily. The time may come to go your separate ways, but that doesn't mean you have to lose touch forever.

There are some people who will come and go throughout your life, and if some of them are your college friends, it’s totally okay. Cherish the memories you have, but take the opportunity to form new friendships wherever you go. If you have found good friends before, you'll be able to find more. Everything's okay; it's not the end!

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