5 Times Your Dog Understands You More Than Anyone Else In Your Life

by Elle Goya
Boris Jovanovic

Although I have been lucky enough to be blessed with an astounding set of friends and a very understanding family (only a mother could accept her daughter changing her major seven times), I have to admit that the one who truly gets it is none other than my pooch, Pepe. Whether I'm having anxiety or am ready for a day at the park, he feels it, embraces it and supports it. What more could anyone ask for?

Here are five times my dog understands me like no one else:

1. He never questions the snooze button.

Mornings are tough. The bed is comfy, and when it comes down to having time for makeup and hair, those extra 10 minutes in bed and that hair-up-in-a-bun look seem all too enticing to pass up.

Unfortunately, when I've desperately needed to hit that snooze button and there was someone around, I never got to enjoy that little extra time. Whether it was a partner who reminded me I needed to get to work or (back in the day) my mother who told me I needed to get up and be productive, someone always seemed to be rushing me to the place where I needed to go.

But not Pepe. Not only does he need the extra snooze as well, but he also condones the cuddling. He enjoys the time we spend awake without moving. He knows the day is starting, and he wants to appreciate my company before I go to work.

I mean, who could say "no" to a big, furry, fluffy, cuddly pup? Not me.

2. Sometimes, I need a little break.

We're used to working hard without realizing just how hard we're really working. Sometimes, we need someone to remind us we need a break. Pepe knows when I'm exhausted.  He knows when I need to stretch for five minutes and when I need to get back to work.

Sometimes, I am so wrapped up in a deadline that I don't even notice I've skipped two meals. Having my pooch around isn't only convenient for my mental health, but it's also convenient for my appetite.

3. My spontaneity isn't questioned.

There are times when I want to ride bikes at 3 in the morning. Sometimes, I want to watch the sunrise on the beach.

Whatever the case may be, Pepe is always ready for an adventure. Whatever crazy idea I have, he's ready to go.

There's never a judgment or a complaint. It's nice to know that, no matter what shenanigans I'm getting into, I have someone who's a true "ride or die," no questions asked.

4. Staying active is necessary.

I might not be hitting the gym twice a day and posting workout pics on Instagram, but a sedentary lifestyle is out of the question. Dogs aren't the only ones who need plenty of exercise. So do humans.

As much as I can lie to myself and say, "I'll do cardio tomorrow," I can't look my pup in the eyes and deprive him of a nice run in the park. He knows how to give me his guilt-tripping puppy eyes.

So, in less than five seconds, I'm strapping my sneakers on. Needless to say, he is the most effective way to get me moving.

5. I have a free shrink.

I bet your friends got sick of hearing about your breakup on more than one occasion. They definitely interrupted you when you accidentally told them the same story twice. But, I bet your pet never has.

It doesn't matter whether we're complaining about our exes, saying utter nonsense or simply reciting our daily to-do lists; our pets usually are more than happy to listen to us.

They never judge, and they don't really care if we're right or wrong. They simply listen and comfort. After failed relationships, lost friendships or just drunken night rants, my pup is still there. He's always listening intently and wagging his tail away at my craziness.