Here's The Only Foolproof Way To Get A Baby To Stop Crying (Video)

Babies: They're the sweetest, most precious and fragile gift on Earth. And that's exactly how they're treated.

When it comes to handling a newborn, hardly anyone knows the proper way to soothe a crying child.

It's like when you ask to hold your cousin's new baby at the family holiday party. He immediately starts crying in your arms, and your wide smile turns to an obvious look of panic and embarrassment.

It seems like only his mother's touch is the solution, so you quickly place him back in her arms.

Well, thanks to Dr. Robert Hamilton, a Santa Monica, California-based pediatrician, you might soon be the baby whisperer of all family holiday parties to come.

In his 30 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Hamilton has had the pleasure of treating thousands of newborns, as he states in the video above.

Over time, he has come to discover the foolproof way to hold a baby in order to stop him or her from crying.

Dr. Hamilton demonstrates the technique on a few different crying newborns who have just had their shots, and as he promised, their tears immediately cease.

It's a trick that really is as easy as 1-2-3. To stop a newborn from crying, you simply hold the child on his or her left side while you cross the right arm over his or her chest.

Make sure the baby's arms are gently secured, and finally, grasp the child's diaper area before rocking him or her back and forth at a 45-degree angle.

Watch the video above as Dr. Hamilton demonstrates his foolproof technique, as well as a few different rocking motions to ease the child nearly to sleep, one of which is to "shake their booty!"