Which Disney Sibling You Are, Based On Your Personality Type

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We know you love your siblings, you know, when they aren't driving you entirely bonkers.

Families are often complicated, and every sibling has a role (yes, even the oft forgotten middle child who whines too much about being the middle child).

As we grow up and come into our own adulthood, some of the shenanigans that we got into as kids just fall off with maturity. As for the rest of it? Well, let's just say the more things change, the more they stay the same.

To show National Sibling Day some love, here's how to tell which Disney sibling you are, based on your personality:

1. The decent and orderly type.

ESTJs, according to Carl G. Jung's theory of psychological types, are people who are "extraverted, sensing, thinking and judging." They prefer order and tradition, but will be outspoken and stand up for themselves when necessary.

If this is you, then you're totally Cinderella going against her stepsisters. They didn't get along because Cinderella's stepsisters were pretty trash, and Cinderella, who became a princess, was so used to her traditional role as their servant that she wouldn't simply just leave the house.

Until she did! No way was Cinderella ever going to live her life underneath their thumb forever. Your extraverted-ness is what pushes you to step out of the traditional order when necessary.

2. The compassionate, leader type.

The "extraverted sensing feeling judging" type (ESFJ) is a natural-born leader who doesn't oversee groups with an iron fist, but more so with compassion. ESFJs are "mothering" (or fathering) types who also have a keen sense of danger.

If you're the forward thinker in the family who is always warning your siblings to chill or face the consequences of their wild actions, then you're totally like Mufasa from "The Lion King."

Your "Scar" isn't a brother-killing lion exactly (thank goodness, right?) but it's likely the sibling who quickly drags you into a serious mess because their pride just won't let them listen.

3. The adventurous, outcast type. 

"Extraverted sensing feeling perceiving" people, or ESFPs, are spontaneous, always interested in having a great time and sociable wherever they go.

They move fast and think faster, so the moment they are inspired by a great idea? It's all tunnel vision until they see it out -- even if no one else exactly understands exactly WTH they're doing.

If you're an impulsive yet sociable, colorful and creative person then you're totally Ariel, AKA, "The Little Mermaid."

Her sisters don't get her and she keeps her dad, King Triton's, head spinning in circles. But she's an incredible half-fish-half-human being who brings joy to anyone who she isn't annoying.

And if you didn't remember that Ariel had sisters (she was the youngest of six), then that's just a testament to just how individualistic Ariel actually was.

She didn't mean to, but always outshined her sisters with her bubbly personality, beautiful voice and zest for life. It was another reason why she was the outcast -- and she didn't seem to mind it one bit because she knew who she was!

4. The silent, saucy type.

ISFPs are "introverted sensing feeling perceiving" people who, like Ariel, are entirely compulsive. Unlike Ariel, they aren't as sociable and prefer to ride solo when they're out on any mission. They're also extremely competitive, although they don't like to talk about themselves much.

If this is you, then you're totally Selena Gomez's character "Alex" from "Wizards of Waverly Place" -- aka the last great sitcom on the Disney Channel (fight me).

Alex was all sarcasm and "no new friends." She didn't care about fitting in, and only had one goal in mind: to beat her two brothers out of the permanent wizardry skills that only one of them could inherit from their father.

5. The helpful, accident-prone type.

ENFPs (extraverted intuitive feeling perceiving) are friendly people and compassionate helpers who will jump at the chance to make life better for the people they care most about.

The downside (we all have one, right?) is they are easily distracted, which means they may not always think or see things through.

If this is you, then you're most definitely Corey's big sister, Raven of Disney's "That's So Raven."

Her visions always showed her half of the story, so she often meddled in situations with hopes of preventing bad things from happening to herself or those around her. Unfortunately, the inevitable always happened anyways, and her attempts to stop it usually only contributed to the mess.

But, Raven always meant well, so you ENFPs are still good because your family and friends always know how much you love them -- even when you're screwing shit up.

6. The nerdy, adventurous type.

INFJs are "introverted intuitive feeling and judging" people who are basically smart AF and possess a range of talents. People are often jealous of how talented yet chill INFJs are. They also get mistaken for extroverts but really, they're just nice people who attract outsiders even if they don't prefer them.

If you're this type of "extroverted introvert," then you're definitely both Phineas and Ferb. These smart guys could build anything in a single, hot summer afternoon. Their inventions often attracted the whole city to their backyard and the boys welcomed them all.

But, real talk though? Phineas and Ferb only really cared about hanging out with each other -- and of course, their pet, Perry the Platypus (who doubled as a top secret spy in the illest show of anthropomorphism ever for an animated series).

7. The stick-to-the-rules type.

ISTJs (introverted sensing thinking judging) people are kind of like the decent and orderly types, except they are so strict that anything out of order irritates them. They are committed to routine, pride themselves on doing the right thing at all times and are super fact-based.

Sound like you? Then, you're Ren from "Even Stevens" (played by Christy Carlson Romano). The smart high schooler believed in sticking to the rules, doing the right thing and keeping her head in the books. She always had a plan, and her brother, Louis (Shia LeBeouf) always had a few shenanigans going down to ruin it.

See yourself in any of these Disney siblings?