Dessert Hummus Will Be Your New Sweet Obsession


Everyone loves hummus. And if there are people out there who don't like the salty, creamy goodness that is traditional hummus, well now, they can try the dessert variety.

It already exists in other flavors like garlic, ranch and jalapeno. But the good folks over at Delighted By have concocted your next dessert obsession. I'm talking about dessert hummus.

Dessert hummus is a much classier alternative to dipping anything you find in your pantry in a jar of Nutella.

I don't even know which one I would start with.

Each flavor looks amazing.

Do not confuse this with a chocolate spread. No.

Dessert hummus is made with the same ingredients as normal hummus: chickpeas, tahini and salt. But Delighted By also adds coconut milk and other naturally sweet ingredients like Turbinado sugar, chocolate chips and ground ginger to make it sweet. This is a total game changer.

I know it already sounds too good to be true, but it's also vegan and gluten-free.

It comes in four droolworthy flavors: Chocolate Chip, Orange Ginger, Brownie Batter and Snickerdoodle. Right now, this hummus is sold in select Wegmans locations all over the country.

Someone please take me to the nearest Wegmans.

I'm not sure you realize what sweet hummus means for the future of eating. It means that we can now enjoy hummus in our breakfasts and desserts instead of just lunch, dinner or for a snack. Hummus all day, baby.

I see no reason not to use dessert hummus to make other kinds of breakfasts and desserts, like cookie dough bites or snickerdoodle pancakes.

I'm glad we live in a world where you can put chocolate chips in hummus.

Take your pancake game to the next level.

Wait, is that chocolate hummus in a sweet potato, or am I dreaming?

Three words: Dessert. Hummus. Pizza.

I'm glad we can now add dessert hummus to the ever-growing list of guilt-free vegan and gluten-free desserts available to us.

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