Why Day Drinking Will Always Be Better Than Night Drinking

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s day drinking is far superior to night drinking. Who wants to spend their nights standing around a creepy, cramped bar pushed up against some sweaty dude named Gerald?

No nights are better spent in the sanctity of your own hovel, sipping wine from a box and stuffing your face with cheese wiz. But I digress.

I can say with complete confidence that day drinking is the best thing EVER. Ever. Better than having kids, better than getting married. It's just the best, okay?

Day drinking is about the experience. Day drinking is about making memories and spending time with your friends.

Day drinking is the ultimate source of happiness for the squad. Those fine cocktails are liquid joy that permeate the minds and hearts of millennials alike.

Day drinking is a glorious time when everyone can truly be his or herself because everyone is with those he or she cares about most.

No matter what anyone says, day drinking has always been and will always be better than night drinking, and here's why:

You get to bask in glorious sunshine.

When it's day drinking season, it's usually warm out. That means bringing out the cocktails and getting down with your tan.

One of the greatest things about day drinking is you get to embrace the beauty of nature (and alcohol) while you’re doing it.

Take advantage of the chill atmosphere and day drink on a picnic blanket, patio or at a BBQ. There are so many places to day drink! It's MIND-BLOWING!

And look! You're totally being outdoorsy! Day drinking is basically like going on a hike in the woods...only without the woods or the hiking!

When you’re drinking at night, you’re spending your evenings crowded around an overstuffed bar in a dingy dive. You're literally paying to be sweaty. WHY?! The setting is far less appealing and far less fun.

Daytime cocktails are typically associated with fun outdoor adventures.

Spiked ciders go with apple picking (YAY, FALL, AMIRIGHT!?), Irish coffees go with tailgating at football games, mimosas go with picnics and Bloody Mary’s go with basically everything. Where there is day drinking, there are adventures.

Cheers to adventure!

You get to enjoy your cocktails AND time with friends and never miss out on a fun time. No FOMO for you, sir!

The drinks come as an addendum to whatever you and the squad are getting up to. Climbing some rocks? Cocktails. Going to the Ice Capades? COCKTAILS!

These drinks are the added cherry on top of the sundae. Who could forget a round of group kickball infused with a few vodka drinks or a day at the beach popping bottles of bubbly?

Day drinking is a way to get closer to your friends, make memories and try new things.

You choose your day drinking squad.

Unlike a night at the bars, you get to carefully select the group you day drink with. It’s not like going out at night when you may run into all sorts of people you'd rather chew on glass than engage in conversation with.

The last thing you want to do is run into your horrible, stuffy ex-best friend when you're trying to enjoy yourself and get your drink on.

Day drinking is by invitation only. It's the VIP of drinking activities. This means you are guaranteed to have a good time because you get to be unapologetically yourself. It takes out all of the guesswork.

You get to be with your favorite people and really enjoy the time you spend together. It’s a bonding experience rather than a time-suck. Life is too short for anything short of awesome.

The odds of running into your ex at the bar greatly decrease.

With a curated group of friends, in a specifically chosen location because ~mystery~, the odds of running into annoying people you’d rather not encounter are greatly diminished. You don't want to end up ordering a vodka soda only to end up face-to-face with your ex-boyfriend and his new squeeze.

Day drinking takes the anxiety out of socializing while it's light out.

You know what you’re going to get, and therefore, there is no need to get stressed out.

You’re not going to see that punk who broke your heart because you’re not going to the local dive that you both frequent; you’re going to a handpicked bistro or a friend’s backyard BBQ. It's a drama-free zone.

Day drinking comes with brunch food.

As if you really needed more of an excuse to day drink: Day drinking means brunch.

If you’re committing to a day of cocktails, you should get an omelet with hash as well. You deserve it. Brunch specials are one of the selling points when it comes to drinking during the daylight hours. If there is food involved, everything gets better.

You’ll never need to stuff your face with pizza at 2 am because you’ll be well-fed from the very beginning. And where there is a full stomach, there is sure to be a happier person.

You go to bed early and get up early the next day.

When you start early, you end early. This means enjoying your mid-morning and afternoon brunching, coming home early and having a nice long rest. You’ll be completely rejuvenated. Sunday will be yours for the taking.

Night drinking can often mean spoiling the rest of your weekend because it can wear you out. With day drinking, you get to have all of the fun without any of the added mess. It’s the best of both worlds.

Brunch outfits will always be cuter than bar outfits.

Crop tops, high-waisted shorts, flat sandals and fabulous hats will always reign supreme over bandage dresses and stilettos. Canvas sneakers, cotton button-downs and shorts will always be ranked above blazers and dress shoes.

When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re more comfortable overall. There is no three-hour window to getting ready for brunch. There is no hair straightening or winged eyeliner.

Everyone is dressed as relaxed as they feel. No muss, no fuss. Day drinking is being yourself, and that is a magical thing.

Day-drinking cocktails are superior to well drinks.

Bloody Marys, mimosas and bellinis will always rank above a rum and diet. Brunch cocktails are not only fun to drink -- they taste magnificent. A brunch drink will always be easier to drink than a shot of whiskey or a tequila shooter.

Give me vodka mixed with fresh juice over a straight up neat any day!

There is nothing bitter or underwhelming about a champagne or fruity vodka drink. The cocktails that accompany day drinking seem far more fun and delicious than those we consume while bar hopping.

Day drinking is cheaper AND all-inclusive.

Brunch specials are a wonderful thing. For a fixed price, you can get an entree and unlimited cocktails. Any activity that combines drinking and eating is going to be a winner amongst friend groups.

When the people in your squad are working with a budget, getting the most bang for your buck is going to be pivotal when making social plans.

Spending the least amount of cash possible while going out with your friends is something we can all get behind. Inexpensive food + drinks = happiness.

Day drinking will always outdo night drinking because it’s about experiences with your friends. As long as you have some delectable brunch cocktails, good company and tasty food, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.