6 Dating Habits That Should Never Fade Out Just Because You're Married


Getting married is a whole new adventure that you and your partner are experiencing together. Despite all of the outside noise about what marriage is supposed to entail (blah, blah, blah), the two of you find your own center and levels of comfort. There are certain things that shouldn't change after you're married because they're the very habits that got you so close. Specifically, there are many things to do after you're married, because that's where your beautiful romance all started.

You have to try and keep in mind that yes, this person chose you, but that doesn't mean you get to cash out and show no effort toward what you used to. That tends to make people feel swindled and trapped. Saying, "I do" is the easy part, because marriage itself takes work and requires you to be receptive.

You are constantly growing with someone but still have to maintain those sweet, captivating gestures that sealed the deal. Marriage is no time to let the little sweet things fade out, and dates are an amazing opportunity to show your partner time and time again why you guys fell in love. You would be surprised the miraculous affects of a nice date, especially when you are married. Dates never lose their meaning in a marriage if you remember to keep following through on a few of those oh-so-cherished habits.

1. Dressing For The Occasion

Clearly, you don't have to whip out a ball gown to go to a casual dinner, but rocking one of your favorite outfits for a night out on the town with bae is always fun. You're each other's eye candy... now provide a swoon-worthy wrapper. Date night will be set to slay in no time.

2. Complimenting One Another

Remember when you went on a date and your partner said they loved your shirt, earrings, or smile when they saw you and it gave you all the butterflies? That remedy still works. You can't stop complimenting your partner when something stands out to you.

3. Showing Some Sweet TLC

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Now, this isn't saying you need to be making out every time your waiter is trying to get your order, but the holding of hands walking to the restaurant or a little kiss on the cheek if you're sharing a booth couldn't hurt. It's the tiny, physical gestures on a date that make it that much more adorable and cute.

4. Keeping The Element Of Surprise

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Surprises never get old. Taking your hubby on a spontaneous weekend getaway without him knowing is cute as heck. Even a surprise geared toward his interest will give him a tremendous amount of the feels. You don't always have to go by the book; stray off course and do something different for the two of you.

5. Flirting Like It's No One's Business


Flirting will never stop being cute. It's even better when you're married, because by now you know almost exactly what to say for your partner to crack a charming smile. Flirting also gives a tremendous amount of confidence and security in your relationship. Regardless of how good at it you are, your partner is going home with you.

6. Having An Insane Amount Of Fun

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Don't turn in your adventure card once you're married. Dates can still be fun and exciting. Keep that dating game strong even after you've walked down the aisle. Use your dates as a tool to remind your partner that they really mean something to you, and even though your relationship is in a different stage, you haven't forgotten the little things that started it all.