You'll Be Totally Cool With Medicinal Marijuana After Seeing These Testimonials (Photos)

When it comes to using marijuana for medicinal purposes, outsiders looking in still may not understand.

But thanks to the new Whisper app, which allows people to anonymously share secrets -- usually dealing with relationships, God and killing people -- there's been an outpouring of people sharing their appreciation for the herb, even claiming that it's saving their lives.

As much as certain individuals want to keep cannabis illegal, it's effects are undeniable at this point as it gives people the relief, happiness and peace of mind like never before.

Legalize it! And remember everybody, smoke weed every day! Especially if you need it as medicine.

Who says stoners can't be successful?

Out of all the medicine being offered to treat ailments, there's only one that can help.

In which ways does it create an unhealthy lifestyle?

And how could you deny its affects?

Mental health is just as important.

Weed can be used to help curb ADD and anxiety.

It really sucks when your own parents don't understand.

But then again, maybe they do!

Do we really need any more proof?

Don't make us beg!


H/T: Huffington Post, All Photos Courtesy: Whisper