The Yacht Week: The Endless Summer


You dreamed it, we’ve created it. At The Yacht Week, we believe in chasing the sun and keeping it within our reach, not just for one season, but year round.

During the winter, spring and summer time, sailing trips around the world are made upon request for those feeling the need for sailing, sun tans and swim suits. If you're seeking a retreat of sun-drenched bliss, The Yacht Week’s destination in the Caribbean may just be that authentic place to escape the cold weather blues.

If skiing down icy slopes this year is not an option, perhaps sailing through turquoise water, is.

If someone told you that the concept of the endless summer was wishful thinking, plain and simple, or a figment of your imagination, your confirmation of its reality may be found in a sailing holiday in the British Virgin Islands with friends, an international ambiance, the smell of coconuts and the magic of the Caribbean sea.

What will your stories from spring break be this year? Spring bookings are still available! For more information visit The Yacht Week

Sophie Winckel | Elite. Sophie is an official blogger for The Yacht Week. A California native now living and writing in Madrid. Follow Sophie on Twitter: @SirenaMadrid