8 Things Women Should Never Do Once They Pass Their Due Dates

Finally, after waiting and suffering for nine long months, your baby is due.

You wait patiently for the pain to kick in, but the due date slowly passes by.

Nothing happens.

Gradually, you start wondering, "Am I going to be pregnant forever?"

Your doctor is of no help.

The only assurance he can provide is he'll induce you at 42 weeks if you haven’t delivered by then.

Yeah, right. Like I'm going to wait for two more weeks.

You want to see your baby more than you want to ease all that discomfort and uncertainty.

But there is nothing you can do.

Some women survive the wait well, but most always end up doing something stupid.

Here are eight things you should never do if your baby is overdue:

1. Overnesting:

As parents, we all want the very best for our kids.

In an early instinct to that effect, pregnant women tend to go on a cleaning spree.

The medical term for this is "nesting."

"Over-nesting" is a senseless, desperate reaction by women to cope with being overdue.

They end up scrubbing dish corners and emptying basements that have been closed for decades.

Overreacting like this brings nothing but fatigue.

If you suddenly do go into labor, imagine how exhausted you'll be because of this.

Take the time to rest.

2. Counting the days:

For my first child, I had a book reserved to count down my due date.

But when my due date arrived, I still had my baby inside of me.

Counting the days is like counting the ticks of the second hand on the clock.

Don’t do it; it's agonizing.

Instead, write in a dairy. It helps you vent your frustrations, and is fun to read later.

3. Home remedies:

Some women swear by home remedies. Most of these remedies are harmless, but some can be dangerous.

Cinnamon tea, spicy foods, pineapple juice and raspberry tea are some harmless remedies that can influence your body in a positive way.

However, castor oil and bumpy rides can be very dangerous.

A friend of mine was administered castor oil because she was overdue, and her delivery was really tough.

She started to dilate, but would not efface.

In short, her body wasn’t ready for the delivery.

In any case, it’s best to let our bodies go with the flow.

4. Exercising fanatically:

Exercising is fine. Actually, it’s great.

But don't overdo it on the exercise in order to induce labor. All it'll do is get you tired.

Your baby will definitely come, even if you don’t jump it out.

5. Timing Braxton Hicks contractions:

It’s difficult to differentiate between Braxton Hicks contractions and real contractions, especially for first-timers.

However, you'll gradually learn to differentiate between the two.

Don’t go timing your Braxton Hicks.

If you time them, you're wasting your time. They will continue, but they won't mean baby is coming.

6. Emotional eating:

Emotional eating is a common coping mechanism.

The more you eat, the better you feel.

But guess what? Overeating will definitely not make your baby come any faster.

On the contrary, it can be harmful.

It can result in an increase in blood sugar, preeclampsia and excess fetal weight gain, which will ultimately create complications.

Why add more weight to the weight you'll have to lose after pregnancy anyway?

7. Going into seclusion:

These are the women who shut themselves out of their social circles.

They don’t want to meet anyone, and they don’t want to go out.

Secluding yourself is the best way to go into depression.

8. Depression:

Depression can make you do all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons.

Even if he or she is a little delayed, your baby is still the same one you've loved and nourished for nine months.

You both deserve better.

It’s not easy for those who haven’t been through this to relate to.

However, it's worth knowing no one has been pregnant forever.

Your baby will come, with all the joy you have been waiting for.

So just take the time to snuggle up with your baby inside you.

Chances are, he or she just likes the warmth in there.