Don't Worry About What I Do, Worry About Why You Care About What I Do

by Gigi Engle

There are far too many people out there who find it necessary to throw unwanted, un-welcomed and unwarranted shade at those around them.

You know the people I’m referring to. It’s the individuals who judge you for every single decision, mistake or choice you make.

They are the ones who say things like, “Oh, you’re having ANOTHER beer?” or “Are you sure you need to buy that?” or “I thought you weren’t eating carbs this week.”

These are the hypercritical, super-disapproving “friends” we all have to deal with on a regular basis. They are the people who are continuously worrying about what you’re doing, whom you’re spending time with and where you’re going.

Well, newsflash people: I am a f*cking adult and I don’t need some self-appointed babysitter to sit around and judge me, coddle me and tell me what it is I should and should not be doing to better myself and my life.

When you sit around worrying about the actions of others, you’re clearly not worrying about your own actions. How about you take a f*cking chill pill and focus on your own affairs instead of getting involved in mine?

I don’t need you to solve my problems. I’m perfectly capable of figuring everything out by myself. I refuse to feel badly about what I do just because you take issue with it.

The only person who looks like an assh*le in this situation is YOU. You may think your holier-than-thou attitude makes you look like a saint, but it actually makes you look like a dick.

Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing.

When you’re focusing on my problems, you’re not focusing on your own.

If you’re busy thinking about my problems, you’re not devoting enough attention to your own.

Perhaps this is some kind of coping mechanism. Maybe it’s your way of avoiding dealing with your own crap. By concerning yourself with my problems, you can put your problems on the backburner.

The thing is, those matters are not just going to disappear. The longer you put off handling them, the harder it becomes to handle them. I’m not a project; I’m a person. I can manage on my own. Go figure your own sh*t out.

When you choose to judge me, you’re clearly judging yourself.

If you’re the type of person who expels an enormous amount of time judging others, you’re most definitely trying to cover up the fact that you’re highly judgmental of yourself.

So, you think it’s okay to tell your friends they’re losers for drinking on weeknights? Everyone is aware that you’re experiencing massive FOMO.

If you were comfortable in your own skin, you wouldn’t feel the need to be concerned about the choices of others. Why the hell do you care what other people do?

We all know you’re not just “concerned for their wellbeing,” you’re loving every second you get to relish in this feeling of superiority.

What you don’t like about me, you don’t like about yourself.

When you look at me, all you see are the gaping flaws that make you uncomfortable. They only make you more acutely aware of all of the things you don’t like about yourself.

You’re constantly reminded that you aren’t perfect. You are, in fact, human.

When you choose to point out the things that you think are wrong with me, you aren’t trying to be helpful; you’re trying to bring me down so that you can feel better about yourself.

When you spend time tearing me down, you don’t build yourself up. When you’re being mean and spiteful, you only make yourself look insecure. Trust me, it’s completely transparent.

When you invest your time in me, you take away time you should spend on yourself.

If you’re worried about what I’m doing with my life, you’re clearly compensating for something. You’re projecting your insecurities on me.

When you’re so busy spending your precious time concerning yourself with my choices, you’re neglecting to reflect on yourself.

Leave me the f*ck alone and instead, concentrate on your own set of issues. You aren’t making yourself look high and mighty; you’re making yourself look like you’re self-conscious.

If you spend all your time hating on me, you aren’t spending time creating. In the end, you’re the one who loses the most.

When you compare yourself to me, you’re not enhancing your strengths.

If you spend all of your free time comparing yourself to others, you can never achieve your goals.

Everyone has a different path.

If you don’t center your attention on fulfilling your aspirations, how can you ever truly get to where you want to be?

My successes have nothing to do with your successes. My doing well or not doing simply has nothing to do with you. Stop giving so much power to what other people are doing. It will only weaken you and cheapen your achievements.

When you talk about me, you’re not thinking about yourself.

Instead of talking a bunch of sh*t about me, how about you think about why you feel the need to talk all of this sh*t in the first place?

Why don’t you go out and do something constructive as an alternative to gossiping in dark corners. You aren’t damaging my character, but attempting to blacken my name.

You’re only tarnishing your own reputation by labeling yourself as a person who is untrustworthy and a disgusting spreader of vile filth.

You can say all the bad stuff you want to say. It’s a lot worse to be capable of saying those things in the first place. When you talk sh*t, you don’t smell your own.