Work Hard, Change Lives: 11 Reasons Why I Work In Health Care

When we decide to choose which career path to take, we blend our hobbies and interests to choose a career most compatible to us.

I find writing to be not only one of my hobbies, but also a personal getaway.

It has helped me develop a sense of trust within and given me the confidence and ability to develop that trust with others by sharing a part of myself.

It has motivated me to get into a field in which I can directly incorporate those words and feelings into actions with my future patients.

The health care profession is one of the biggest and rapidly-growing fields today. Apart from my love for writing, there are several other things that sparked my interest in becoming a health care professional.

Here are 11 of them:

1. Understanding The Patient Perspective

Most of us were patients before getting into the health care profession. We want our health care professionals to be empathic, make us feel comfortable and develop a trusting relationship with us.

Knowing how it feels to be a patient is what forces us to understand the patient perspective and, therefore, ensure we treat patients like people.

2. Job Growth And Stability

Because health is crucial to every single individual, health care professionals are in high demand.

The country’s population is aging and more Americans are in need of continued medical care than ever before.

3. Knowledge Expansion

As health care professionals, we provide knowledge to our patients about medicine and health care so that they can feel empowered.

The people who we help are capable, but not all have had the same opportunities. The reality is that though more people have more access to health care, many people's needs are still not being met.

It’s important to give back, especially to underprivileged communities, in hopes that it becomes a chain reaction and that health care knowledge can also spread to other parts of our world.

4. Team Work

Every single member of the health care profession contributes to a portion of care, whether it be big or small.

All members of the patients' multidisciplinary health team work together to provide the patient with the best holistic care (physical, emotional, spiritual) available.

Whether you plan, assess, treat or deliver the actual care to the patient, you are still working as part of a team to deliver high-quality care to the patient to improve his or her overall quality of life.

5. Respect In Society

People respect health care professionals because they devote their lives toward serving others. They respect their patients.

A patient’s feelings might mean nothing to others, but because it means everything to them, we care to listen to what they have to say, and really do our best to meet their needs.

6. Excitement And Variation

Healthcare is fast-paced and incredibly varied. You will deal with many different circumstances, situations and people, and each of these is unique.

You will always be on your toes because you never know what will happen.

7. Traveling

You get the opportunity to travel anywhere. You can relocate easily because healthcare is in demand all over the world!

8. Meeting New People

As a healthcare professional, you meet new people every single day. It is exciting to gain perspective and insight, especially from someone who thinks differently than you do.

It’s phenomenal to hear the experiences that people have had and how it has shaped them to become who they are today.

Many patients don't know that they are helping us to become more understanding, empathic, compassionate, selfless and well-rounded individuals who strive to make the world a better and healthier place.

9. Emotionally Rewarding And Internally Satisfying

Being a healthcare professional is an emotionally rewarding career.

Although it can be very demanding, you will get the internal satisfaction of helping people improve their overall qualities of life by providing them with efficient care.

This also means that you will also have the opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis and really develop strong relationships with them.

10. The Ability To Make A Difference

You can make a big difference simply because you are working with others to serve others.

Even a simple interaction can make all the difference in the world. You could help bring a new life into the world or save a life from ending; you have the ability to change lives.

11. The Challenge

Being in the healthcare profession can be a stressful and challenging job. I want the healthy stress, and I want the challenge that each patient and situation offers.

I want the personal interaction. I want the ups and downs and everything in between because, for me, no other profession offers me the opportunity to thrive in a challenging work environment while simultaneously valuing empathy.