8 Wines That Will Help You Get Through Everything Life Throws At You

While the pairing of wine and food is a delicious science, the pairing of wine with life is an art.

And, as an artist, it is your responsibility to know how to use every color in your palette to perfectly complement the right wine with life’s trials and triumphs.

So, sit back, uncork and satiate your way to a life of vino-paired bliss:

The Move To A New City

Bright lights, big city. Big promotion, big… empty apartment. But, that’s all about to change, as soon as the movers show up tomorrow with your furniture, wardrobe, dishes and life.

What’s there to do in the meantime? Well, celebrate, of course! Now, head off to the nearest wine bar via Yelp and choose a well-positioned seat to people watch. As the handsome bartender approaches you, order…

Cava. Why? Because in your last city, you drank Prosecco, and it’s time to kick it up a notch.

This Spanish version of bubbly is just as delicious and can be found for a reasonable price, meaning you’ll have more money to start buying the chic décor to create that perfect space in your city of dreams.

To top off your evening, ask for drizzled honey and chopped apricots over a generous sliver of creamy La Tur, and you have an indulgent dessert that pairs perfectly with your celebratory bubbles.

The Breakup

You’ve just climbed up, out of the subway, the chilled air hits you and you lose it. It’s OVER.

Tears stream down your face as you make your way toward your empty apartment, wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea to date a bartender in the first place.

As you pass your favorite restaurant, painful memories of laughter in the corner booth drift to the forefront of your mind. Then you see it: your trusty, local wine shop. You dash to the entrance, tear open the door with its welcoming jingle and reach for…

Malbec. Why? A Malbec is trustworthy. It is consistent; it is powerful, and it is a sexy Argentinian, for goodness sake!

It pairs well with a hard manchego or a creamy brie, and at this point, not only do you not want to make any more decisions, but also want to consume both.

Go for it! The gym can wait. Right now, the sexy Argentinian, the hard Spaniard and the creamy Frenchman are all awaiting you. Just add Netflix.

The First Date

Okay, now that you’ve gotten over what’s-his-name and you’ve started meeting new men in this city swirling with opportunity, you need a go-to wine choice for all of those date nights on which you’re about to embark.

Sancerre. Why? Sancerre is the sophisticated older sister of the Sauvignon Blanc. It perfects the combination of not too sweet and not too dry, and it pairs well with typical first date meals, like chicken or sushi.

More than that, it’s not an obvious choice. Choosing Sancerre says to your date that you have the stories to back the wine knowledge you’ve gained. "Oh, funny you should you ask, there was that gap year I spent in France…" Clever segue, my friend.

Meeting His Parents

Breathe, girlfriend, you’ve got this. Mr. Wonderful has invited you to dinner at his parents', and you’ve offered to bring the wine. You want to make an excellent first impression, of course, but more than that, you want to choose a wine that will intrigue them.

Chateau Musar, the Lebanese red. Why? It is a bold choice, but its character speaks for itself, just like yours.

The Lebanese wine-producing region is rich in history; its origins date back to Ancient Roman times. It is not a region commonly found in all wine shops, so make sure you do your homework to find a quality brand.

The unique nature of this wine reflects the unique value you add to the evening.

Your selection of this wine will keep the conversation flowing, and you’ll earn their respect for significantly contributing to a memorable culinary experience... unlike his last girlfriend, who was memorable for other reasons.

Girls' Night In

After the successful night spent with your man and his parents, you could use a night to overanalyze and gab with your best friends. Like you, they are wine lovers, but their tastes vary as much as their relationship statuses. Here’s how to navigate this one:

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Why? It’s a crowd pleaser, and it will especially appeal to any of your girlfriends who are susceptible to the cursed stain some red wines inflict.

She’s spent enough money whitening her teeth due to her daily Starbucks fix; reward her with a great white she can sip with a happy conscience.

Merlot. Why? We all have that friend who dominates the conversation as soon as she enters the room. We love this about her, but sometimes, she’s hard to reel in.

Serve a generous pour to the quintessential over-sharer in the group. This full-bodied red will appease even the boldest of your girlfriends.

Riesling. Why? No girls' night is complete without the girlfriend “who doesn’t really drink wine.” Sigh. Hand her a glass of Riesling, insist that she try it before she objects, watch her sip, consider and smile.

Send her back into the living room while you put the finishing touches on your cheese and charcuterie board. There’s one in every crowd; her palate will thank you later.

Pinot Noir. Why? Pinot is perfect for the outgoing introvert in attendance. Like a Pinot, she is thoughtful, hesitant to show her full personality until she warms up to you, but once she does, you can count on her to be quality over quantity, every single time.

With this guide, I’m confident you’ll be able to navigate the palatial palates of life’s uncertainties with the certainties found just beneath the cork. The wino in me honors the wino in you. Namaste.