Why George Clooney Is The Last Of A Dying Breed Of Men

by Joe Welkie

George Clooney is the man. He has conquered all. Clooney has been named "Sexiest Man Alive" twice, he has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, has won twice -- and he has a long list of gorgeous exes.

Now that Clooney is seemingly off the market with the announcement of his engagement to fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, I think we should pay respects to George, who is clearly the last of a dying breed of men.

You see, some years ago, it was seen as cool to be a playboy. Clooney was clearly that. He dated many starlets, some who were much, much younger than he and no one ever questioned him.

He lived the lifestyle that he wanted and no one ever raised questions. He was, in essence, "the man." He was the guy every other guy dreamed of becoming. Now the goals of men have shifted and it doesn't really seem like being "the man" is too cool anymore.

Let me explain, there has been a shift towards more nerdy, awkward and sensitive men. Everything is awkward and guys like Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg and Seth Rogen are dominating the movie theaters. This isn't a bad thing, but I find it hard to be inspired by these gentlemen. You see, when I go to movies or listen to music, I want to feel like a badass. I want to feel like the king of the world and that I can go anywhere and be the coolest dude in the room.

George Clooney is that guy. Clooney is a confident man who I'm sure could wow any person he would talk to. He has lived an amazing and interesting life and he isn't afraid to hide it. He isn't nervously standing in the corner at a party, he is the LIFE of the party. George Clooney isn't a wallflower, he is a boss. He has never said the sentence, "I just don't know what to say to that pretty girl." George Clooney knows what to say to her, he'll go over and say it, and probably end up bedding that girl that night.

That's who I'm inspired by. That's why I can't relate to these nerdy types that have been shoved in all of our faces these days. Their awkwardness doesn't seem endearing to me, it just seems... well... awkward. When I see people acting like that in real life, it disturbs me. People think that it's okay to be socially inept now because that's what they see in movies.

That's what they see on TV. That's what they hear when they listen to music. A bunch of guys who are longing to have the confidence to get with that pretty girl. Sure, in these movies and songs, it usually works out for those guys in the end, but in real life, it hardly ever does.

I'm not here to say that nice guys finish last, but what I am saying is that having no confidence in yourself DOES make you finish last. You can be a nice guy and have confidence. There just seems to be a general lack of confidence in men these days. Everyone is nervous and too scared to approach a girl or go after something they want.

You'll never see George Clooney do that. George Clooney is a guy's guy. He's in control and confident. That's a role model I can get behind and be inspired by. That's a role model we should all be inspired by. We should all want to have the swagger of Clooney.

Hopefully men can regain some of that swagger we lost when this whole nerdy/awkward epidemic struck. Hopefully we can have some manly role models again who are confident, while not being arrogant jerks.

Men who believe in themselves and can charm a whole room. I don't know who the next George Clooney is going to be, but I'm glad I got to witness the real deal.

Photo credit: WENN