Why Climbing The Social Ladder Is More Important To You Than You Think

by Gulf Elite Magazine

Before you start muttering about how little you actually care about what society thinks of you, let's get one thing straight — we’re talking about a very multidimensional ladder that crosses every single aspect of today’s society and lifestyle.

The world’s norms and standards evolve to satisfy society's needs to separate the bad eggs from the good ones. It’s an undeniable divider that will influence you no matter how much you fight it, because ultimately, it's society’s reflection of who you are that will determine who you will be.

Forget about the color of your skin, your complexion and your hair; the only color that truly determines your social status is the green of your dollars. The name of your college no longer has a direct correlation with the number in your bank account. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ingvar Kamprad – I could go on forever. The seven-digit salary makers, venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs probably make it to the very top of the ladder.

But what about the other 99 percent who don’t have the financial resources, technological benefits, geographical locations and have to navigate other obstacles that restrict them from reaching the top? Do they forever remain inferior to the high-end individuals who work for arrogant CEOs and bigheaded bosses? No.

Wrap your head around this: There are no such things as obstacles and no such things as barriers. There is only mental limitation. The reason the 1 percent is the 1 percent is that there are only so many people who have the willpower to fight through life’s obstacles on the way to success.

Only very few people have the guts to take on the path to success and the sacrifices that come with it. Next time you start gossiping about how much of an ass your boss is, or how that Bentley makes your CEO look like a douchebag, think about what these people had to accomplish to reach their positions. Don’t blame them for being successful — blame yourself for not having the gall to navigate the rough paths to your personal triumph.

So, rich kids inherit wealth, but the world is not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, people receive a one-way ticket to success without having to lift a finger. But don’t interpret this as a disadvantage to you, see it as an advantage. Connect and suck up to these people, as they might open a few doors for you. The social ladder offers some shortcuts; you simply have to put your personal emotions and values away to reach where you want to reach. Sometimes, you just have to fake it until you make it.

But, where do you draw the line? Do you give up, sleep or temporarily suppress your own morals to satisfy others? Would you give up on relationships and place work on a higher pedestal? How far from your comfort would you go to achieve success? I can't answer these questions, but what I can say is that you must leave your comfort zone. You must ignore personal emotions and just go for it.

If you have an idea that just might work – see it out. You have nothing to lose but time, so rather than watching YouTube or Instagramming your next meal, get to work. The social ladder is all we really want to climb, but sometimes, we can't admit it because of all the fears and obstacles we encounter along the way. Climbing the social ladder is possible with the right mentality and willpower.

Photo via Tumblr